(VIDEO) Did Lindsey Graham Just Tell Rubio And Kasich To Get Out Of The Race??

graham mtp march 6
It is no secret that SC Senator Lindsey Graham is no fan of Ted Cruz. He recently commented that if someone murdered Cruz and the trial was held in the Senate that no one would ever be convicted.


As Samuel Johnson quipped, the prospect of being hanged focuses the mind wonderfully, well, it seems that the prospect of a Trump candidacy has done the same for Lindsey Graham. In fact, today on Meet the Press, Graham told Chuck Todd that it is time for the GOP to unify behind Cruz.


GRAHAM: Well, I think Rubio and Kasich have got to decide among themselves can they be an alternative to Trump over time. To me it’s clear that Ted has made the best case, thus far, that he can be the alternative to Trump. The best thing I think can happen is for the party to unite before Ohio and Florida and make sure we not only beat him, Trump, in Ohio and Florida that we have a candidate that can beat him thereafter. Right now, it seems that Ted Cruz has the best case to be made.

This is about as clear a message as you can send in public to the candidate you have endorsed that it is time to get out of the race. And do it soon. You can bet the back channel messages are even stronger.



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