Ted Cruz Will Not Join #NeverTrump

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Ben Sasse made a splash over the weekend with his announcement that he would not support Donald Trump if he is the nominee. Senator Sasse’s decision is not the one that I would make but this is anything other than a typical election year and I understand how people may very well decide that they prefer a Democrat Senate and President Hillary Clinton. While Ben Sasse was doing this, Ted Cruz was saying that he was a man of his word and would support a Trump candidacy, if it comes to that.



I don’t have a transcript, so I’m relying upon Western Journalism:

“If Donald becomes president, who the heck knows what he would do. Even Donald doesn’t know what he would do. And I think the challenges facing this country, they’re too great to roll the dice and risk losing the Supreme Court for a generation, risk yet more economic stagnation, and risk our foreign policy allowing radical Islamic terrorism to continue to rise and threaten America.”

Tapper followed, “But just for the record, even though you think all that about Donald Trump, you still would support him for the presidency if he gets the nomination?”

Cruz answered by saying, “I will support the Republican nominee but I’m working very hard and I intend for that Republican nominee to be me.” Later Cruz said, “If you’re in one of the Super Tuesday states, and you share the concerns of so many Americans that these are serious times, and Donald Trump is not the right candidate, then I ask you to come together behind our campaign…ours is the only one in a position to beat Donald Trump…”


Cruz is not only right in his analysis — though I think we will find out Hillary is a paper tiger in an actual campaign — but he is doing the honorable thing by keeping his word.

Expect the same from Rubio. Back earlier in the year, when Trump was making noises about running as a third party candidate if things didn’t go his way (that sounds familiar today, doesn’t it), Reince Priebus required each campaign to sign a loyalty pledge obligating the candidate to support the eventual winner.


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