Donald Trump's Internet Brigade Troll Ted Cruz With Drop Out Rumor

Image: Shutterstock shutterstock_300387590

Image Shutterstock shutterstock_300387590
It is Super Tuesday. Today is critical because today is the day that America will choose whether or not it is Donald Trump who is in the cat bird’s seat to win the GOP nomination And Twitter and the Internet is all abuzz with rumors. The rumors have one thing in common: they are designed to hurt Ted Cruz, the only Trump opponent who might plausibly win a state today.


The first one it that Ted Cruz has made a deal that he will drop out of the race in favor of Marco Rubio in exchange for a nomination to the Supreme Court. The source of this is long time Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone:

Breaking! Alex Jones reports on information consummate Trump Insider Roger Stone relayed to him on Saturday night after a speaking with reps from both the Rubio and Cruz campaigns.

Apparently Ted Cruz has offered to drop out of the POTUS race in exchange for a supreme court appointment. This is bombshell information that needs to go viral and could change the campaign as we know it.

You have to give Stone credit. He definitely knows where to go to to get his rumor volume revved up to eleven.

There are also screen caps of alleged news stories circulating on Twitter saying that Cruz will drop out and endorse Trump.

fake news 1

fake news 2

Like the Rubio rumor these seem to be launched by the Trump campaign, or its followers, in an effort to depress Cruz’s turnout today. Rumor A is designed to feed the “Cruz is untrustworthy meme and affect marginal Cruz voters while Rumor B is designed for Cruz supporters who might be looking to Trump if Cruz bows out to try to convince them it is okay to vote Trump today.


This is amusing theater. The odds of in working approaches zero but it it what Politics In A Time Of Trump have become.


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