BREAKING. Jeb Bush Campaign Broke; To Stop Paying Staff On Saturday

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Erick Erickson is reporting at The Resurgent that the Bush campaign is broke.

This is pretty remarkable. Sources close to the Bush campaign are beginning to leak about a call last night. I’m told the Bush team is out of money. Pay for campaign staff will end on Saturday. The campaign is all but over.

Additionally, after having hundreds of millions of dollars on hand, the Bush Super PAC has less than $15 million from what I am being told.


The Bush campaign is denying the rumor but it is coming from too many places take the denials seriously.

And there is this

On the whole, this story seems highly credible. We know Right to Rise has cancelled $3 million in advertising buys for Super Tuesday. The Bush campaign’s avowed strategy was to knock out Rubio and Kasich in South Carolina, but, of late, it seems like Bush is simply going through the motions. The polls all indicate that Bush finishing a flaccid fourth is much more likely than a strong third.


Based on the FEC reports, we’ve said that the Bush campaign’s and Right to Rise’s burn rate indicates they both will be out of money no later than the end of March:

bush fec 20155

When Bush departs we’ll get a better feeling for how the next phase of the race sorts itself out.


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