BREAKING. Supreme Court Halts Obama Climate Change Rule

Ed G via Flickr Creative Commons image 114454339_80eb73c7b0_o
Back in August, the Obama administration announced the implementation of its “Clean Power Plan.” This is an effort but the administration to eradicate affordable electricity and force the nation to rely more upon completely unreliable and unfeasible energy sources like wind and solar. What its purpose really is is to shut down the coal mining industry and build a new class of welfare recipients and crony capitalists.


The EPA rule, known as the Clean Power Plan, requires states and utilities to use less coal and more wind power, solar power or natural gas. The program is designed to bring about cuts in carbon emissions from power plants of 32 percent by 2030.

It’s “the most far-reaching and burdensome rule EPA has ever forced onto the states,” 26 states led by West Virginia and Texas argued in court papers.

Just minutes ago, the US Supreme Court blocked the administration from enforcing any part of that policy until such time that a court has heard the case. That will be sometime this summer and, regardless of the decision, this policy will not be implemented under Obama.



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