New York Times Says Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Not Latino

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This is not parody. This is not a polemical attack. This is what the leftist cretins who are destroying this nation actually think.

DEFYING most polls and predictions, a Latino won the Republican Iowa caucuses, and another Latino came in third. Together, they won more than half the vote.

With Senator Ted Cruz taking nearly 28 percent of the vote and Senator Marco Rubio getting 23 percent, each vastly surpassed the results for any other Latino candidate in any previous United States presidential contest.

How is that not being celebrated as historic or at least worth a headline for a day or two?

The answer is not that complicated: Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Rubio meets conventional expectations of how Latino politicians are supposed to behave.


At one point I was certain that the progressive left was against stereotyping individuals based on their race or ethnicity, but I guess I was wrong. I’m guessing the author would have been happier if Cruz and Rubio had toured Iowa wearing guayabera shirts, carrying congas, and belting out “Babalú”.

The disconnect the author of this banality feels has nothing to do with race or ethnicity and everything to do with the warped vision the progressive left has of America. In their view, America is a balkanized collection of competing claims for privileges and grievance-mongering to be played off against each other for the aggrandizement of state power and the diminishment of common humanity.

No less an arbiter than Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor, seemed to condemn them without naming names in a column last month. “There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That is a betrayal,” he wrote. It is criticism that echoes the rhetoric aimed at Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court and other successful members of minority groups who are perceived as failing to uphold their own group’s interests.

Indeed. Anytime you refer to a race-baiter (yes, I know, Hispanic is not a race but cut me some slack) like Ramos as an “arbiter” you are well on your way to identifying the problem. Whenever a woman or a minority seeks office or is elected or appointed to a position as a Republican this ugly critique raises its head. If Clarence Thomas has a dime for everytime he’s been called Uncle Tom he could buy Donald Trump. The only black member of the US Senate, who ran as a conservative Republican in a Southern state, gets the same treatment. When Gary Franks, a black Republican Congressman, applied to join the Congressional Black Caucus he was refused membership.


If you think of yourself as a human or an American first with your race, ethnicity, gender (there are only two), ancestry, age, disability, etc. as a secondary and personal descriptor you are a threat to everything the left stands for.

To the left, to be a black or woman or Hispanic politician means that you have to run for office based on the idea that you are looking after your own, then it is small wonder that few such candidates are elected statewide.


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