Donald Trump Goes To Church And Beclowns Himself

Donald Trump

Donald Trump showed up in church today in Council Bluffs, IA. As has been mentioned time and again, Trump’s attachment to Christianity is not even surface deed. It barely rates “patina” status. He is a typical secular type that you find in very liberal areas of the nation. He knows some of the rudiments of Christianity but to say it intrudes in his life would be a gross overstatement.


In Iowa, he did not receive the endorsement of the Iowa Evangelical group led by Bob Vander Plaats. So Trump reacted as Trump reacts by accusing Vander Plaats of malfeasance… and then being proven wrong.

So, today, Trump dragged his third trophy wife off to church to try to convince Evangelicals that he was actually one of them.

Trump attended services at the First Christian Orchard Campus, a nondenominational church in Council Bluffs.

He, his wife, Melania, and two staffers took communion when it was passed. But Trump, momentarily confused, mistook the silver plates circulated around the auditorium and dug several bills out of his pocket.

“I thought it was for offering,” he said with a laugh to his staff.

In a lot of ways this smug arrogance and condescension is a metaphor for Trump.

Trump was raised as some variety of Presbyterian. This is not a Presbyterian church. He couldn’t be bothered to have a staffer research the liturgy of that church beforehand. He couldn’t be bothered to see what anyone else was doing, because, after all, what do they really know? They aren’t rich. And it is all about money. He probably thought some dumb f*** had dropped food on the plate as their offering or that the church was doing what any organization does when Trump visits: begging for money.


“My little cracker” 1. Donald Trump 0.


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