(VIDEO) Hillary Clinton's Email Alibi Destroyed By Former State Department Official

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One of the key features of Hillary Clinton’s defense in the metastasizing scandal surrounding her mishandling and compromising highly classified information is her assertion that classified material was never passed over networks not certified to handle classified material. Thanks to Ed Henry of FoxNews, we know that claim is false. He covered a video of Clinton’s undersecretary of state, Wendy Sherman, in effect, boasting about doing just that.



ED HENRY: …being honest and trustworthy is Number One, a problem for Clinton because of new details Fox has learned about her handling of classified information which comes from former State Department official Wendy Sherman, who served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations.

SHERMAN: Now we have Blackberries. And it has changed the way diplomacy is done. Things appear on your Blackberries that would never be on an unclassified system, but you’re out traveling, you’re trying to negotiate something.

ED HENRY: Fox News has exclusively obtained a video showing Sherman at a private event in 2013 with the American Foreign Service Association. Where she boasted about how Clinton and her aides sent sensitive information on unclassified systems. Sherman cited the example of Clinton’s September 2011 visit to the United Nations General Assembly, where the then-Secretary-of-State met with Lady Ashton of the European Union. And they conducted delicate Mideast peace negotiations.

SHERMAN: And so they sat there as they were having the meeting, with their Blackberries, transferring language back and forth between them and between their aides, to multitask in quite a new fashion. To have the meeting and at the same time to be working on the core text statement.

ED HENRY: Fox checked some of the State Department’s previous email dumps and found, and it turns out in September 2011, top aide Jake Sullivan forwarded an email chain to Clinton that included notes on the core text statement which the State Department has now deemed to be classified. And officials redacted details from the public. Given Clinton’s defense that her emails were not marked classified, the conservative super PAC, America Rising, notes that per National Archives guidelines, documents involving quote “Foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources is considered classified when it is created.”


This video leaves absolutely no doubt about how Hillary Clinton’s State Department functioned. We now know that when Hillary Clinton told Jake Sullivan to strip classification markings from a document and send it by unclassified means, she meant exactly that. We can say without fear of contradiction that Hillary Clinton, as a practice, as a lifestyle choice, mishandled classified information. The only remaining question is whether anyone in the FBI or Justice Department has the guts to do anything about it.

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