Watch As the ATF Is Trolled On Their Own Facebook Page

atf facebook header
It all started innocently enough. The ATF, being the loyal apparatchiks that they are, were dutifully posting to their Facebook page (this link is purely for informational purposes) changes to bring their operating policy in line with Obama’s Executive Order issued Monday night.


ATF issues guidance to help the public understand when a federal firearms license is required. Learn more

As totalitarians often learn, communicating with the proletariat when they can communicate back is… well… problematic.

atf facebook troll1
And, at that point, we were off to the races.

atf facebook troll2
At some point an ATF employee based in Colorado, Becky Solis, told the poster to “get off this page.” She didn’t get the reaction anyone used to carrying a badge and gun is used to getting. The incoming was hot enough for her to close her Facebook profile.

atf facebook troll3

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