Lawyers For #SanBernardinoShooting Family Think That Maybe the Victims Were To Blame [VIDEO]


My colleagues at RedState have noticed the gathering alliance between the news media and the lawyers hired by CAIR to make muddy the water about the San Bernardino shootings.


For instance, CNN essentially asked the wife of one of the victims if he had it coming because he had argued with the shooter, Syed Farook, over whether Islam had a violent nature (he won the argument, as it turned out). The lawyers have taken to peddling conspiracy theories (here | here)

Yesterday, the lawyers for the family gave a sort of surreal press conference (full video, don’t bother unless you want a brain lesion)

What proceeded was an incredible display of chutzpah, if I can culturally appropriate this Yiddish word and apply it to a couple of lawyers paid for by an organization that has been alleged to have terror ties. They seem to be setting up a situation where Farook was a victim of intolerance at work, he was made fun of because of his beard, and he just freakin snapped. And because he was the victim of intolerance now the entire US Muslim community are victims. What is incredible is that the media are obviously eating this explanation up and cooperating with making it seem plausible.

Note that none of this explains why the wife went along. Or why they dressed in “tactical” clothing. Or why they had a pipebomb factory in their home. Or why they decided to leave their child an orphan. Or why the wife was shooting at police from the getaway vehicle. Or why they wife lied to get a fiance visa.


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