Ted Cruz Super PAC Responds To Rubio Attack

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Yesterday we reported on how a Super PAC that has apparently supports Senator Marco Rubio has taken up [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ]’s attack line against Senator Ted Cruz. Back in July, Ted Cruz was one of a super-majority of senators who voted to curtail the ability of the NSA to bulk collect the phone use data of Americans. In the wake of the Paris attack, Rubio perceives there is a) a disadvantage to Cruz in his vote and b) highlight that vote and painting Cruz as “weak on terrorism” will work to Rubio’s advantage. I suppose there are GOP primary voters out there screaming for a more intrusive government, I’ve just never talked to any.


This is unfortunate. Rubio is a great candidate and demeans himself with this type of cheap attack that is going to end up hurting him more than his target. It seems like he is getting advice from the same nitwits that told Jeb Bush he could hurt Rubio by highlighting his voting record.

Be that as it may, a Cruz-supporting Super PAC, Courageous Conservatives PAC, has launched a YouTube ad in response. It criticizes, surprise, Rubio’s role in the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform fiasco and, in my view rightfully, that Cruz, not Rubio, has been the guy fighting McConnell’s efforts to push Obama’s agenda through the Senate.

Of course, neither man has anything to do with these ads, both are by Super PACs and coordination is prohibited. But one really hopes that if the race does come down to one between Cruz and Rubio that they are mature enough to pass on silly attacks on one another.



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