Transgenderism reveals men are more successful women

As far as hoisting feminists by their own flaming petard, one would have to look long and hard to find a better tool than the transgender movement. It is ironic that the women who claim to actually be men, like Chastity “Chaz” Bono, have proven to be pretty poor examples of womanhood or manhood:


chaz bono

What we have here is a plump lesbian with an endocrinal dysfunction and her underlying issue, not being able to get laid, remains:

Chaz Bono cannot find love because he “repels” women.

Lovelorn Bono, 46, says he has been out on dates but just cannot connect with the opposite sex even though the transgender LGBT advocate was once a member of the opposite sex.

The reality star son of Cher has been struggling to find a permanent partner after splitting with Jennifer Elia in 2011.

“I seem to repel women that I am attracted to,” Bono told Confidenti@l at the Les Girls charity fund-raiser in Los Angeles.” He says, “I have been single for four years, which has been a great thing and (it’s) great to have time to myself.”

Ya think?

On the other hand, males pretending to be women have shown that they can be successful women and they can do so with a) less practice (Bruce Jenner has had what, a year of experience?) and b) no caterwauling about patriarchy.

When Glamor Magazine wanted a Woman of the Year, who did they choose? A man. Jenner might very well be the first penis-possessing person to appear on the cover of the periodical. When New York Magazine wanted to feature the highest paid female CEO in the United States, who did they choose?


Martin “Martine” Rothblatt. Rothblatt has fathered at least five children and has demonstrated competence as both man and woman. While he would never break into the 10 or even top 20 as a man, he has reached the pinnacle of success as a woman.


What is so delicious about this is that the rebellion against nature that new wave feminist theorists have carried out has worked against them. This rebellion has been apparent to feminists for quite a while. Germaine Greer, a veritable icon on the movement, has come under fire for rejecting freaks like Jenner and Rothblatt as women:

Traditional egalitarian feminism rested upon a contradiction which Greer always (rightly) refused to accept. It essentially required the practical elimination of sexual difference in its quest for equality yet desired the maintenance of that difference in order to have a coherent movement. Female bodies and female biology were thus to be simultaneously overcome and asserted. For feminists like Greer, this quest for equality therefore continued to make maleness normative. Instead, she pressed for liberation, based upon the foundational biological difference between men and women.

For Greer, then, male-to-female transgender transition is just another attempt by men to undermine the female body and thus undermine any possibility of women’s liberation. Indeed, transgenderism is arguably the outworking of the contradiction that lies at the heart of egalitarian feminism: Bodies are not important, because gender is ultimately a social construct and/or a psychological feeling, not a biological reality; But bodies are crucially important because they need to be mutilated and hormonally manipulated in order to conform with that social construction/psychological feeling. Same horse, different jockey, as an old colleague of mine used to say.


At one time, a person claiming to be Napoleon was the iconic image mental illness. What has emerged today are men claiming to be women, an vice versa, that we are supposed to as normal this fiction and to indulge people with severe psychological problems by going along with their delusions.

This may be a bridge too far. At some point even the radical feminists are going to revolt against the idea that men can claim to be women and be recognized by society as men despite all evidence to the contrary. One hopes that a younger generation, observing this madness, will rediscover the lovely concept of complementarianism that acknowledges that men and women are different yet vital to each other.


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