Planned Parenthood targets Carly Fiorina

Planned Parenthood targets Carly Fiorina

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One of the more interesting things about observing left-wing politics is the fact that they don’t seem to believe people, as individuals, actually exist. They believe economic classes, ethnic groups, groups oriented on sexual identity, etc., etc. and to be a loyal member of one of these groups you have to toe the party line. Over 20 years after Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court, [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] is still muttering racist stereotypes to denigrate Justice Thomas. When [mc_name name=’Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S001184′ ] was elected senator, he was called an Uncle Tom. Carly Fiorina is the latest candidate to be hit with this crap. From a leftist standpoint, the sex that creates children isn’t really a true woman unless she supports killing children in utero. As sure as clockwork, pro-aborts from Planned Parenthood showed up to protest Fiorina over the weekend.

A group of Planned Parenthood supporters ambushed a Carly Fiorina meet-and-greet on Saturday, forcing the Republican presidential candidate to retreat into a security-protected area.

Wearing pink shirts and donning pom-poms, members of the group of around 15 to 20 people at one point threw condoms at Fiorina, who was greeting supporters at a tailgate party for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Chants of “Women are watching — and we vote!” and “Women’s rights are here to stay!” nearly drowned out the candidate’s voice as she attempted to answer supporters’ questions.

Fiorina has been taking heat in recent weeks for her comments about Planned Parenthood during the second GOP debate, where she addressed sting videos that purport to show the organization improperly selling fetal body parts. At the debate, Fiorina said those videos show an aborted fetus kept alive to “harvest its brain.” Fact-checking websites, however, have countered that this is untrue.

(The last paragraph is just Talking Points Memo grasping for straws. They are sticking with a narrative that basically says if the voice-over refers to a different image that is being shown that both the image and voice-over are lies. We have addressed that in detail.)

One thing that I give credit to Trump for bringing to this campaign is showing everyone just how powerless the media is if you don’t back down. Ever since the debate, Fiorina has defended her debate statement and in doing so has allayed a lot of the queasiness many pro-life people feel about her given her decidedly mixed history on the subject.

One of those protestors was Cindy Shireman, 54, a criminal justice instructor at Southeastern Community College in Burlington, Iowa. Shireman said she directly confronted Fiorina at the event to ask “how, in good conscience, she could go for the nomination as a female and not be for women’s rights.”

“[Fiorina] said she is for women’s rights, not abortion,” said Shireman, who said she has been a Planned Parenthood patient for more than 30 years. “But I reminded her that Planned Parenthood is about health care, not just about abortion. Then she told me to get my statistics straight, and do some research.”

Fiorina is completely correct. In terms of providing health care to women, especially in an era where every woman either has a primary care physician or access to Medicaid, Planned Parenthood is irrelevant. The only reason Planned Parenthood provides health care is to create a patina of respectability over their baby-parts business and support their non-profit designation.

The fact that Fiorina engaged this pro-abort, held her ground, and didn’t accept this creature’s premises is the way our candidates should react.

Abortion is a winning issue. Some guys, like John Kasich, don’t want abortion to enter into politics because they basically like to be affable losers.

The protestors retreated from the event after about 45 minutes. The remaining supporters mostly expressed opposition to the Planned Parenthood protestors and abortion in general. Fiorina smiled and took photos, including one with Vicky, a 54-year-old Democrat who said if she gets to vote for Fiorina it would be “the first time I’ve ever voted for a Republican.”

Vicky’s mother, however, worked for Planned Parenthood. And the abortion issue, for her, is a tough one.

“I believe a woman should have a choice,” she said. “But I don’t believe in what they’re doing over there at Planned Parenthood.”

This shows the CMP videos and the GOP pro-life message sell and it sells to women because they, of all people, know that what they carried inside them for 40 week was not just a clump of cells.



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