Obama's gun law enforcement at work: sell 55 illegal guns, get one year probation

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA - JULY 12: Steel workers look over a pile of more than 4,300 confiscated illegal weapons about to be melted down during the 14th Annual Gun Destruction program, overseen by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, at the TAMCO steel mill on July 12, 2007 in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The weapons were confiscated throughout Los Angeles County over the past year and must by law be destroyed. The guns make ideal scrap metal for making concrete reinforcing bars, or rebar, because of their typically high nickel and chrome content and will ultimately be used in the construction of California freeways.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

When Shannon Miles walked up behind Harris (TX) County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth and pumped 15 9mm rounds into him he did so with a weapon he was not allowed to possess. Via Houston Chronicle:

Court records reveal that Miles had a lengthy criminal history. His first reported arrest came in February 2005 for failing to identify and giving false information to police officers. He would be arrested six more times by 2009.

In July 2005 he was arrested by Harris County Sheriff’s deputies for criminal mischief. On Oct. 2, 2005, he was arrested again by Harris County and held for eight days for resisting “arrest, search or transport.”

In 2006 he was arrested for “discharging or displaying” a firearm. He pleaded guilty and was held for 10 days. On May 3, 2007, Jersey Village police arrested Miles for evading arrest. Nine days later he was arrested again for criminal trespassing by Harris County deputies. On Jan. 29, 2009, Miles was arrested for preventing or obstructing officers duties by using force against the officer.

In addition he had been declared mentally incompetent for committing a violent assault:

A man charged with murder in the ambush of a suburban Houston sheriff’s deputy had a history of mental illness and was once declared mentally incompetent, according to authorities and his former attorney.

Miles was found to be mentally incompetent in October 2012 and he was sent to North Texas State Hospital in Vernon, Texas.

How does this happen? How does someone who is barred from possessing a firearm suddenly get one? Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel we get some insight:

In giving probation with no jail time to a Milwaukee man charged with 55 counts of buying firearms with fake identification and dealing them without a license, a federal judge delivered a message:

Dontray Mills, 24, purchased a total of 27 firearms, mostly handguns, between December 2012 and April 2014 and pleaded guilty to one of the charges on April 22, 2014, after an ATF investigation. As a result of the conviction, Mills will never again be able to buy firearms legally.

On Wednesday, he was sentenced. As part of the plea bargain, prosecutors agreed with the one year of probation.

The Obama administration’s hostility to firearms is well documented. Fast & Furious was a failed ‘gun walking’ operation in Arizona that has racked up a body count in the low hundreds. In Milwaukee, where this story takes place, the feckless ATF did another gun walking operation that featured epic incompetency and lots of felons with perfectly good firearms. It is hard to write this kind of thing off to happenstance anymore. We are sure, well beyond a reasonable doubt, that the purpose of Fast & Furious was to provide violent felons with weapons, so they could kill people, so more laws would be passed to curtail the purchase and possession of firearms. It is not inconceivable that the same purpose was in effect in the Milwaukee operation. In the words of Rahm Emanuel, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It is difficult to find any benign reason why an administration that professes to be fixated on reducing gun violence lets someone like Mills off with one year probation. And if he wants a firearm, he just needs to find where the ATF is running an operation and he’s set.