Bobby Jindal's counter pro-Planned Parenthood protest

Bobby Jindal's counter pro-Planned Parenthood protest

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been in the crosshairs of the pro-abort, pro-baby vivisection crowd and their allies in the Obama administration for a while. Things came to a head on August 6 when Governor Jindal cancelled Louisiana Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood and launched a state investigation into their operations. Neither of those should be controversial. Planned Parenthood provides no service that a woman can’t get at a walk-in clinic or via her primary care physician… except abortion. And given the horrific nature of the Center for Medical Progress videos, any governor with a heart should be investigating that murderous bunch of harpies.

But, the pro-aborts who desire nothing more that to leave no child un-dissected decided to protest at the Governor’s Mansion.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will try to counter a pro-Planned Parenthood rally scheduled to take place outside his mansion on Thursday by running a loop of the secretly recorded videos that they plan to protest.

Jindal announced Thursday that he is setting up an outdoor movie screen and speakers outside the governor’s mansion to show the controversial videos, which he said too many of Planned Parenthood’s supporters have refused to watch.

The showing will take place at the exact time of a scheduled protest by Planned Parenthood supporters.

“Planned Parenthood has a right to protest today, but Governor Jindal’s office will ensure that anyone who shows up will have to witness first-hand the offensive actions of the organization they are supporting,” Jindal, who is also a Republican presidential candidate, wrote in a statement.

“We hope the protesters will take a minute to watch them so they’ll have an opportunity to see first-hand our concerns with Planned Parenthood’s practices,” he added.

Planned Parenthood calls this a stunt but it is more than that. The CMP videos that show the brutal and horrific practice of abortion unvarnished and without spin are proving to be a major tool in separating this killing machine from the public teat and showing its supporters what kind of animals run the organization.


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