Planned Parenthood attacks

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“Deny everything. Admit nothing. Blame others. Make counter-accusations.”

That, in a nutshell, is the Planned Parenthood strategy for surviving the revelations that far from being a non-profit they are a rapacious and conscienceless entity that would have shamed the Burkers of Regency London.


Now that a politically connected — by ‘politically connected’ I mean Democrat –crisis communications firms is on board we are seeing an all out assault being waged by Planned Parenthood on the people who produced the video.

As my colleague Joe Cunningham reported yesterday, Planned Parenthood has sent a memo to editors warning them to ignore the video story.

The line of attack they are taking is that because the undercover journalists were, you know, like, undercover their reporting is tainted. According to Politico:

The group circulated a memo to reporters and producers late Monday that discouraged them from airing the undercover videos, arguing that they were obtained under false identification and violated patient privacy.

Over at the Nazi pro-abort website RHRealityCheck they have an “exclusive” in which they reveal that the journalists used… wait for it… fake IDs and created a fake front company. We just didn’t know.

According to a California criminal defense attorney, Michael Kraut, there is some reason to believe that Daleiden and his associates may have violated California and federal law on forgery, credit card fraud, and identity theft.

If Daleiden and his accomplices did in fact provide fake government ID cards, they could have violated California laws that prohibit forgery, fraud, and perjury, said Kraut whose firm, Kraut Law Group, represents defendants in Los Angeles and Orange counties.


It is illegal to forge the state government seal, as well as to obtain state driver’s licenses using false names, said Kraut, who worked as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles and for the United States Attorney’s Office before starting his own practice. Both crimes can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on a range of circumstances. They are both easy for the prosecution to prove, added Kraut.

“A false seal is an easy prosecution because it either is or isn’t,” Kraut said. “And if they went to the DMV and got licenses under a false name, they’ve committed perjury. … That is very easy to prove, because one of the things they have to do in California is you have to fill out a document when you’re doing that, saying ‘I don’t have a license in any other name, and the name I’m using is my true and correct name.’ Each one would be a felonious statement.”

Prosecutors would have more difficulty charging Daleiden and his associates under California’s false impersonation statute if all they did was misrepresent themselves using fake names and fake business cards, Kraut said. Under California law, prosecutors must prove that a defendant deliberately used the identity of another and either directly benefited as a result or directly harmed that person in order to successfully convict on false impersonation charges.


And, of course, the pro-aborts have roped the imminently corrupt California Attorney General Kamala Harris into investigating the journalists.

Let’s step back for a moment and assume the worst case, that every allegation made about the journalists is true. So what? Does that mean that we didn’t see Planned Parenthood official haggling over the price of baby parts? Does that mean we didn’t hear a Planned Parenthood official discuss changing the abortion procedure to facilitate organ harvesting? Does that mean Planned Parenthood isn’t using baby parts as a profit center in its business model? No. Of course not.

Planned Parenthood can’t deny what we have seen because not only is it the truth, it is widespread, and they know there is worse still to come. Their only hope is to instigate a political prosecution of the journalists and perhaps prevent more video from becoming public.


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