Planned Parenthood status: Running and on fire.

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As the investigative reports by Center for Medical Progress continue to roll it is becoming very clear that Planned Parenthood is actively involved in the business of selling baby organs for fun and profit. They are shading informed consent, skirting federal law on reimbursements, and illegally modifying abortion procedures to benefit their clients.


Planned Parenthood’s supporters are on edge:

Via The Hill:

Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate donor, liberal group Credo, is warning that the drip-drip of damaging footage could lead to a sequel to the ACORN scandal in 2009.

In that campaign, conservatives used hidden cameras to produce viral videos that suggested officials at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) were advising people masquerading as a prostitute and a pimp on how to circumvent tax laws.

The nonprofit group, which had been involved in voter registration drives, disbanded after months of negative publicity.

“We saw what happened with ACORN, and it happened so fast and it happened without enough pushback from Democrats, and our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” said Heidi Hess, campaign manager for Credo.


“It does have that feeling,” [mc_name name=’Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’B000711′ ] (D-Calif.) said when asked about the comparison to ACORN. “When people come and secretly tape you, it’s a pretty low form of harassment in my opinion.”

But Planned Parenthood says never mind, nothing to see here:

Planned Parenthood says it has weathered this sort of storm before.

In 2011, the group was targeted by an undercover video from Live Action, a pro-life advocacy group led by some of the same activists involved in the new operation.

That video showed a Planned Parenthood clinic director in New Jersey dispensing advice to a couple on how to obtain services for illegal immigrant prostitutes and child sex workers. That official was fired within days as the group faced a national uproar.

At that time, just two states called for investigations into the video. The House Energy and Commerce Committee also led an investigation, “but then nothing ever came of it,” recalled one of the committee’s top Democrats, [mc_name name=’Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’D000197′ ] (Colo.).

In fact, Planned Parenthood has gotten members of the Congressional Infanticide Caucus to demand that the Department of Justice investigate the people who produced the video. This, given the Obama Justice Department’s callous disregard for the law is a very real possibility.


I don’t think this will spell the end of Planned Parenthood. Too many alleged ‘pro-life’ members of Congress and Senators are either soft pro-aborts or they have a vested fundraising interest in railing about Planned Parenthood while protecting them. There is always the hope that one of the eight states investigating will prosecute someone, this will go a long way to making working for Planned Parenthood have the same social acceptance as being a member of the American Nazi Party. But one thing is certain, they and their supporters are taking this seriously.

Back in 1998, retired USMC Colonel Don Conroy died. He was eulogized by his son, the novelist Pat Conroy. Colonel Conroy was the model for Colonel Bull Meecham in the novel/movie “The Great Santini.” In his eulogy, Conroy recalled this story his father told about flying F4U Corsairs during the early days of the Korean War:

“We didn’t even have a map of Korea. Not zip. We just headed toward the sound of artillery firing along the Naktong River. They told us to keep the North Koreans on their side of the Naktong. Air power hadn’t been a factor until we got there that day. I radioed to Bill Lundin I was his wingman. ‘There they are. Let’s go get’em.’ So we did.”

I was interviewing Dad so I asked, “how do you know you got them?”

“Easy,” The Great Santini said. “They were running – it’s a good sign when you see the enemy running.”

There was another good sign.

“What was that, Dad?”

“They were on fire.”


That’s the situation Planned Parenthood finds itself in at the moment. How it plays out is anyone’s guess but immense damage is being done to its brand and you can bet these videos will be seen again and again in state legislatures across the nation as abortion laws and regulations are being developed.


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