The mainstreaming of sexual deviancy


You. Will. Be. Made. To. Care.

The Learning Channel (TLC) is promoting an upcoming reality series called “All That Jazz.” It features a mentally disturbed teenage boy who, with his parents’ connivance, labors under the illusion that he is a girl.


Big things are on the horizon for one of our favorite transgender teen activists.

Jazz Jennings, the 14-year-old who has been an outspoken supporter of rights for trans youth, is slated to star in her own reality show on TLC this year.

The unscripted, 11-part series will be produced by This Is Just A Test and is set for a premiere date of summer 2015. Called “All That Jazz,” the show will document Jenning’s journey as she navigates life as a transgender teen.

“We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, but at their core, they are all about love, acceptance, and support. Only TLC can tell this family’s story in way that celebrates and demystifies difference in an effort to help create a world without prejudice,” Marjorie Kaplan, Group President, TLC & Animal Planet, said in a statement.

“Jazz’s” Wikipedia page is a veritable smoragsbord of strange:

In 2013, Jennings publicly discussed her wish of becoming a mother in the future.[25]

Jennings loves mermaids and makes silicone mermaid tails and sells them to raise money to support transgender youth.[26]

Presumably “Jazz” won’t go into deep depression when he has to take biology.

I think we all understand difference. What TLC is doing is the 21st century version of selling tickets to watch the insane in Bedlam. It may even be the same as selling the pointy sticks to poke the insane with. Even if you block this crap at home, you can bet it will show up in your child’s school as part of the “family life” curriculum.


In Germany (naturally) things are moving at a faster clip.

[Gabriele] Kuby is author of The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, a book covering how the sexual revolution is leading not only to private lifestyle changes but to a new legal understanding of sexuality and the family.

What are the challenges regarding gender ideology?

Because it’s so mad and it’s using language in a deceptive way, people don’t recognize it. This is just now beginning. I’ve been writing about it for 10 years. But, in Germany now, for the last one and a half years, there is critique coming from many different sources; it’s in the open now.

So there’s a backlash now?

Yes, it’s beginning, but, of course, the money’s not on our side, the power’s not on our side, but awareness is growing. And I think the main battlefront for souls is the next generation. As any revolution knows, one must get hold of the next generation. … And the enemies know this, and they’re battling to steal the next generation. How are they doing this? By sexualizing them from the very beginning.

Through sex education in schools?

Well, even in the cradle. Standards of sex education put out by the World Health Organization together with the German Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung [Federal Center for Health Education] say: Inform your child about masturbation from birth to 4. Teach your child about masturbation all through those ages. Then teach them from 4 years on that there are different kinds of sexual orientation and different kinds of family. They teach this through these ages, starting from birth. This is the main battle.

They’re being effectively kind of stolen out of the cradle?

Yes, and if this happens to the next generation, we will have lost this war while we look elsewhere.

Do you see any signs of winning this war yet?

I don’t see signs of winning, no. We are having demonstrations against this now in Germany, but [crowds] of 1,000 or 2,000 [people]. The anti-demonstrators are the same number, and the police are the same number — just for parents going onto the streets and saying: “We do not want our children to be sexualized and taught about homosexuality in the first grade.” We need 1,000 policemen to protect 1,000 parents to say this.

And you know what the anti-demonstrators shout? “Your children will be like us.” That’s what they shout. They realize there are families which they have lost, and they’re threatening them and saying: “We will get your children and make them as we are” — which means broken families, [with] any kind of vile sex life, which makes nobody happy.


The military’s decision to allow transgender people to serve if they are already on active duty is merely a symptom of the tsunami of sexual deviancy that is washing over our nation. If you thought you could simply ignore this tidal wave of effluvia you are wrong. It isn’t enough that you not HAVE a homosexual wedding, you must actively proclaim the right to have one. You want to instill Christian sexual morality in your children? You aren’t going to be allowed. Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase “defining deviancy down.” We have now reached the point where deviancy has become the norm and what is normal is deviant.


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