The fascism of the homosexual marriage advocates

A couple march dressed as bride and groom during the Gay Pride Parade in New York

As the primary season gets underway, CNN is an early leader out of the gate in manufacturing quotes for GOP contenders. (Via RCP transcript).

At the Iowa Faith and Freedom Summit, Sen. Ted Cruz said Democrats seeking to impose gay marriage laws by judicial fiat are “fascists.”

The problem is that the quote is neither a quote nor is it in context.

SEN. TED CRUZ: God bless, today’s Democratic Party, it seems has decided there are no room for Christians in the Democratic Party… The modern Democratic Party has gotten so extreme, so intolerant, there is a liberal fascism that is dedicated to going after and targeting believing Christians who follow the biblical teachings.

The irony is that even if [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] had been accurately quoted and quoted in context he would have been right.

The supporters of homosexual marriage are little short of neo-fascists. Here I include not only the Nazis who harass Christian businesses and bully other, equally homosexual, people into a kind of groups think, but the little Eichmanns of the homosexual marriage movement whose allegiance to “fairness” and “marriage equality” and “short term popularity” enables the hard core fascists to operate with impunity.

If you have any doubt about the fascist inclination you only need to see how these people behave once they gain a modicum of power. Brendan Eich is driven from Mozilla. Christian businesses are bankrupted. Laws are passed requiring Christian ministers to perform homosexual marriages regardless of church doctrine. Groups supporting marriage as it has been understood by humanity for several thousand years are classified as ‘hate groups’ by, ironically, a hate group. These are not one-off actions. They are part of a concerted legal push to make it illegal to even believe homosexual marriage is improper.

Last summer, the Texas Republican Party’s platform endorsed “gay conversion therapy,” a procedure viewed as harmful and useless by psychology experts. In the last six months, a pastor in Arizona published videos suggesting the way to deal with AIDS/HIV under the Bible is to kill gays and lesbians. A lawyer in California even offered a proposal that would legalize the killing of LGBT people. Specifically, it notes that because same-sex relationships are “a monstrous evil that Almighty God … commands us to suppress,” then anyone engaging in same-sex conduct shall “be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

Let’s not pretend that this rhetoric is harmless. Statistics show that LGBT people commit suicide at high rates. Transgender people are frequently victims of violence.

Fortunately, for the most part, public reaction has been to swiftly condemn these comments. Nevertheless, rhetoric like this shows that LGBT opposition has not been silenced. This rhetoric itself is meant to silence. It is bullying.

I am a Christian and have yet to encounter hostility when I publicly declare my faith. That contrasts with a 30-minute tirade I received on an airport shuttle, where my marriage to my husband was compared to animals and otherwise attacked.

Just few minor points here to clear away the rubbish this alleged professor of law and Emory University has strewn about the landscape.

a. “Psychology experts” have endorsed all manner of crap. Until 1973, “psychology experts” classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. The removal of that classification was not made on the basis of science but an opinion consensus. There have been zero scientific studies that evaluate the efficacy of ‘gay convervsion’ therapy but, based on what we know of every other psychological treatment we would expect it to NOT work in well over two-thirds of cases.

b. You can always find some people who will say anything. If we want to engage in comparative stupidity I can match this assclown point for point by using Dan Savage alone. If I wanted to humiliate him, assuming that is possible, I’d just transcribe the speeches from any rally for ‘marriage equality.’

c. Homosexuals and transsexuals do commit suicide had higher rates. It isn’t, however, because of meany-pants words. See point a. above for the reason.

d. Actually, you can’t be Christian and be engaged in an activity contrary to the very words Christ, Himself, used to define marriage; an activity that is disavowed by God and which is one of only four sins in the Bible said to ‘cry to Heaven.

e. You don’t have a husband. You have a homosexual lover. You could call him the ‘King of France’ and it would be just as accurate.

f. I’ve never heard anyone compare homosexual marriage to bestiality (though I’m open to the idea), the actual argument is that once the state loses the ability to define marriage it pretty much opens the door to anything. If homosexual marriage is licit then what is the possible objection to bestiality or incest or polygamy or polyamory? There is none because ‘marriage equality.’

From nonsense he moves onto fascism:

The arguments against same-sex marriage ultimately reduce to moral and religiously based objections to homosexuality. The vocal support for LGBT rights is not an effort to silence opposition through bullying. Instead it is a recognition that such morality-based critiques should not be the basis for public policy. Indeed, such advocacy on behalf of certain Christian traditions risks impeding the religious freedoms of other Christian denominations and religions that are inclusive of LGBT people and same-sex marriage.

Pause and consider the part in italics. What this guy is arguing is that by arguing that homosexual marriage isn’t normal you are actually trampling the religious freedom of the pseudo-Christian denominations who recognize it. On the other hand, advocating for homosexual marriage has no bearing on the religious freedom of people opposed to the idea. Once the Supreme Court, as I expect, clears the last legal hurdles impeding homosexual marriage that sentence will virtually be the law of the land.

Cruz is right in his actual quote, for sure. But the CNN headline is right in a macro-narrative way. The supporters of homosexual marriage are, at their core, fascists determined to stamp out all resistance and they will bankrupt you and send you to jail if you resist.