[email protected] employee files false fraud report

Not content to hound a small business into bankruptcy, militant homosexuals are now engaged in filing fraudulent fraud reports.

Most of you know that Memories Pizza, of Walkerton, IN, has been run out of business by vengeful and somewhat deranged homosexual rights advocates because they would not cater pizza to a homosexual wedding reception. Mind you, no one has ever heard of such a reception being requested, this was in response to a hypothetical question by a small-town television reporter trying to earn her way into the big time by hard hitting journalism.

An account was opened at gofundme.com, the crowdsourcing site, and now some $700,000 has been raised from some 24,000 donors. Well, the “tolerance” crowd is having none of it. As Erick has said, you will be made to care. If you hold orthodox Christian beliefs, you can not only not practice them, you must be destroyed.

Enter a creature named Alix Bryan. According to Bryan’s Twitter account she is an employee of CBS 6 in Richmond, VA.



That Twitter handle would be @CBS6. Please use it.

When Bryan heard about the gofundme effort, she was incensed as a good little fascist would be:


That’s right. She’s going to report them “in case” of fraud.

She is a prime example of what we’ve been saying for years. These people do not want tolerance. They do not want to live and let live. They are vicious, vindictive people who must destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

Please contact @CBS and @CBS6 — or drop them a line http://wtvr.com/contact/ — as ask them why their employees are filing allegations of fraud… just in case.