Arkansas hands Western Civilization a small victory


As Erick has documented over and over in his chronicling of the “you will be made to care” trend in American culture, homosexual activists have successfully pressed their case for special rights in a number of jurisdictions. They have succeed in making their sexual proclivity a legally protected class, something that is awarded to no other behavior in America.Everywhere these bizarre little laws are put into place you find homosexual activists out in force to find people to sue for violating their “rights.” What they are engaged in is nothing more than the bullying you’d expect from a clique of middle school girls but they have succeeded in pushing people who want nothing to do with honoring their behavior into bankruptcy and financial ruin.


Arkansas has struck a blow for civility and Western Civilization. It has passed a law forbidding cities or counties in the state to extend special rights to homosexuals. Naturally advocates of homosexuality have their panties tightly wadded over this. For instance, from the Washington Post:

Right now in Arkansas, as in most states, it is completely legal to fire someone for being gay; to kick someone out of a store for being gay; to evict someone for being gay. Though statewide anti-discrimination laws are uncommon, many cities in red states such as Austin, Atlanta, and New Orleans, have enacted their own ordinances to protect gay people from discrimination.

This is the legal regime most of us live under. If I, as a white guy, go into a photographer and try to hire him to document my wedding for posterity there is no legal reason why said photographer can’t say, “sorry, I don’t support patriarchy.” My recourse, surprisingly, is to give my money to a photographer that wants the job. But being treated as normal citizens isn’t sufficient for homosexual activists. Being special snowflakes they demand the right to make you their serfs.

While there is a technical truth in the quoted text, it is basically a lie. Right now homosexuals are covered by the same housing and employment laws as the rest of us. The law is being passed to protect the rest of us from having to accept the more arcane practices of homosexuals as though they were completely unremarkable or risk being hauled into court and bled dry because you didn’t applaud loud enough.


The shameful part of this is the way Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has handled it. Not having the courage to sign it nor to veto it… which seemed to be his inclination… given its popularity in Arkansas, Hutchinson let it become law without his signature. Truly an act of moral cowardice that Arkansas voters should remember when he seeks reelection.




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