Left winger guns down Muslims, the left blames white people


Angry, armed and white- Why Craig Stephen Hicks is the face of America’s violent extremism - Salon.com

These people are amazing.

Last week radical left winger, atheist and homosexual marriage advocate Craig Hicks gunned down three fellow humans over what has been described as a “parking dispute.” This is just another example of the inherently violent nature of atheism and of advocates for homosexual marriage.


This is how the far left is now interpreting the incident:

We can safely say that Craig Stephen Hicks fits the profile of the most common type of domestic violent extremist—a white man with grievances and guns. Whether he was provoked by road rage, rage against neighbors who wore traditional Muslim clothing, or other simmering grudges and pathologies, his alleged killing of three young Muslims underscores a trend that mainstream U.S. media avoids: that the face of violent extremism in America since 9/11 is predominantly white. Muslims in America, while not exempt from crime, simply do not compare.

Uh, yeah. Just like most of the recent perpetrators of high profile shootings he was white, he was left wing, and he was atheist. With no sense of irony, the head of a hate group is called upon to expound upon hate:

“Quite a few reports agree, that more Americans have been killed by the radical right since 9/11 than by jihadists,” said Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes and focuses on the radical right. “Obviously, if you go back one day to 9/11 (2001), nearly 3,000 people were killed.”

Potok said some hate crimes can be simple and spontaneous, while others are more complex to unravel.

“When you look at Chapel Hill, it seems to be a classic case of a very tangled-up motive,” he said. “Who’s to say how much a parking dispute played, or how much this man’s antipathy toward religious people, or Muslims in particular, played a part. The women [who were killed] told their father he didn’t like the way they dressed.”


Hicks’s Facebook page was replete with “likes” and “follows” for a smorgasbord of far left organizations including the hate group Southern Poverty Law Center:


Craig Hicks

There is, however, an inadvertent sliver of truth that slipped into the article:

“The one thing we know is that the psychology has always been the same,” Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent and co-founder of the agency’s Behavioral Analysis Program, said in a Q&A in the SPLC report. “By that, I mean you have individuals who are collecting wounds, they’re looking for social ills, or things that have gone wrong, and they are nourishing these things that they’re ideating, that they’re thinking about. The solution for them is violence.”

“What they have in common is that once they begin to ideate this philosophy, whatever their passion is, whatever their hatred is, whatever their ideology is, they certainly all begin to communicate this to people around them,” Navarro said. “And when we go back and do the post-event analysis, we find that they were talking about this, they were telling people about this, and the people either ignored it, didn’t pay attention or didn’t think it would go any further.”

Indeed. There is a pattern. A rather obvious one.

  • Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was an avowed atheist.
  • Floyd Lee Corkins, the deranged gunman who invaded the headquarters of the Family Research Council did so because he was a homosexual marriage advocate and he was an atheist.
  • Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot Gabby Gifford, was an atheist.
  • Wade Michael Page, the man who killed 6 and wounded 4 when he shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, was an atheist.
  • The Columbine shooters were atheists.

When you take an unstable male and introduce them to left wing politics then stir in atheism and advocacy for homosexuality you create a toxic witches brew that leads to violence as surely as day leads to night. This is why groups, like those “liked” by Hicks and other similar shooters should be subjected to FBI surveillance.trolollolol


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