Atheism and support for homosexual marriage: proven indicators of a violent nature


Somebody has to ask the question. Should atheists and supporters of homosexual marriage be allowed to own a firearm? Does adhering to either of these beliefs indicate a mental deficiency, disorder, or infirmity that rises to the level that in the interest of public safety we should insist that they be disarmed?


In light of today’s horrible shootings is Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we need to seriously debate the violent nature that seems to be common in atheists and supporters of homosexual rights. For instance, here are some screen caps from the Facebook page of the Chapel Hill shooter, Craig Kirby.


I have additional pages but they all show the same. This man, Chris Hicks, was a follower of militant atheists Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and John Fugelsang (retweet at the link and help give Fugelsang a stroke). He was a fervent believer in homosexual marriage. He hated religion. And he carried out a senseless shooting of several people.

This it just another chapter in the story of the inherently violent nature of people who are atheists and who support homosexual marriage. For instance,

  • Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was an avowed atheist.
  • Floyd Lee Corkins, the deranged gunman who invaded the headquarters of the Family Research Council did so because he was a homosexual marriage advocate and he was an atheist.
  • Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot Gabby Gifford, was an atheist.
  • Wade Michael Page, the man who killed 6 and wounded 4 when he shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, was an atheist.
  • The Columbine shooters were atheists.

While correlation is not causation, there is clear evidence of a pattern here linking mass killings and politically motivated shootings with being an atheist and/or being an advocate of homosexual marriage. There is a much clearer link here than that used to say that salt causes hypertension or consuming cholesterol is a health risk.The Second Amendment, as interpreted by the courts, allows persons who are mentally unstable to be banned from owning firearms. We need public hearings to investigate this obvious link and, if warranted, take action to ban gun ownership by atheists and supporters of homosexual marriage and confiscate any firearms they currently own.


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