Methodist Human Rights director mocks kids at March for Life

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In most Christian churches it is common that at some point in the year a prayer is made for Christian unity and the resolution of the differences that divide Christendom. The World Council of Churches promotes a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18-25). Oddly enough, or perhaps not as the WCC was a communist front organization during the Cold War, one of its member churches is the United Methodist Church. So it was both sad and ironic that during the annual March for Life, a march dedicated to ending the Holocaust of the Unborn, our very own national Massacre of the Innocents, that the United Methodist Church director of “Civil and Human Rights,” an assclown named Bill Mefford, used the March for Life as an opportunity to mock the marchers:


Methodist Head of “Human Rights” Mocks Prolife Marchers - Matthew Schmitz - First Things

Here’s a thought. A great proportion of the pro-life marchers are young people. They are volunteers, unpaid and untrained. Mefford, on the other hand, is a grown man, one whose actual job is to represent Christians in the public square. How is it, then, that if we compare Mefford and the young marchers, the adolescents are the ones who come out looking like adults?

Why isn’t Mefford marching for the unborn if he stands for human rights? If he doesn’t think those rights extend to all humans, why doesn’t he request a change in his job title? Something like “Director of Civil and of Select Human Rights” is concise and has a satisfying ring of exclusivity. It would almost sound like a promotion.

I am not sure what the sign is supposed to mean, but Mefford’s blithe comparison of the moral weight of fetuses and sandwiches reflects the abortion lobby’s deep unwillingness to face facts. Time and again, they tell us not to take any of this too seriously (What about pocketbook issues?) to direct our gaze elsewhere (It’s about a woman’s right to choose) above all, to avoid considering the life that is lost. It claims the mantle of sensitivity, but the pro-choice viewpoint still leans heavily on human callousness.

I guess in fairness to the UMC I should point out that they are solidly pro-abort, their weaseley position doesn’t even address the biggest reason for abortion: inconvenience of the mother.


We recognize tragic conflicts of life with life that may justify abortion, and in such cases we support the legal option of abortion under proper medical procedures by certified medical providers. We support parental, guardian, or other responsible adult notification and consent before abortions can be performed on girls who have not yet reached the age of legal adulthood. We cannot affirm abortion as an acceptable means of birth control, and we unconditionally reject it as a means of gender selection or eugenics (see Resolution 3184).

And the UMC backs up their moral support of infanticide with their checkbook. In Texas, the healtcare group affiliated with the UMC, the Methodist Healthcare Ministries gave Planned Parenthood $443.000.

Mefford has deleted his Twitter account and allegedly has apologized.  I don’t know why he bothered. The apology is on a now deleted Twitter account and on a unavailable blog. Besides, any apology not directed to the people he was mocking in person and not issued by the organization of which he is an officer is without meaning and is nothing more than an exercise in trying to minimize any professional damage that might come from this action.

Besides, he was simply doing what his church has done for several years, ignore Christianity in favor of money and popularity — not that this is a uniquely Methodist failing. (The rumor that the UMC has reorganized its congregations into covens is NOT TRUE as of this writing.) The fact that Mefford, chronologically an adult, used the occasion of the March for Life during the week his church is supposed to pray for Christian unity, to mock Christians protesting the greatest affront to human rights in our nation shows how deep the fissures in Christendom are and how unlikely unity is.



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