Michael Sam trolls Christians

After being cut from any number of professional football teams, Michael Sam, who as far was we can tell is famous for buggery and not making an NFL squad, decided to take up a new career path trolling Christians. He and his [whatever you what to call it] went to the Vatican where Michael Sam proposed that the two of them pretend like they are married. His proposal was accepted.


Last week, Michael Sam made news when he proposed to partner Vito Cammisano – a photo of Sam down on one knee posted on his Twitter account.

Where Sam proposed is sure to create more reaction.

TMZ Sports reported that Sam asked Cammisano to marry him when the two were inside the Vatican – inside St. Peter’s Basilica.

“It’s sort of an act of defiance … considering the Catholic church is still anti-gay marriage,” TMZ Sports reported.

Yeah, man. Nothing says defiance like standing up to a Church you aren’t part of and doesn’t care what you do. That takes real courage. (Don’t know how the whole standing up to God thing will play out but I’d pay good money to see the end to that story.) So thus far his career as Internet troll has been less successful than his NFL career. What a pathetic, self absorbed creature. Going to the Vatican to demand his participation trophy.

In all seriousness, this is what many of us have pointed out about the ludicrous idea that homosexual marriage is anything but a publicity stunt. All the legal mechanisms to achieve the same benefits as married couples already existed. The only exception was tax treatment of income from married couples filing jointly. That treatment is called a “marriage penalty” not a “marriage reward” for a reason. What militant, in-your-face homosexuals like Sam want is not acceptance but mandatory celebration of their sexual deviance and bizarre lifestyle choice.


If Sam wanted to show real courage he and his pencil neck boy toy could have hopped a flight to Nineveh, Iraq, where he could have shown some real courage by standing up to people who really do care about homosexuality



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