Deval Patrick: Democrats in 2014 needed more cowbell

There is a certain amount of schadenfreude in all this. As a Republican I went through it from the other side in 2008 and 2012 when morons and quislings like David Brooks and the staff of  Reason were crawling out of the woodwork explaining that if we’d only jettisoned our values we would still have lost but we would have lost on the right side of history.


Yesterday, I wrote a short piece based on an interview given by the head of the Mississippi Democrat party and his conception of what Southern Democrats need to do to win. Magic, I think, was his solution. Today, on Meet the Press, outgoing Massachusetts governor and Obama fanboi Deval Patrick was on Meet the Press giving Chuck Todd the benefit of his political wisdom… ironic given that he’s being succeeded in office by a Republican.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Patrick said Democrats made a “huge mistake” to run away from President Obama during the election, but said the White House deserves some blame as well.

“One problem the president has is he doesn’t tell the story well or regularly,” he told host Chuck Todd. Obama needs to tout his accomplishments more often, Patrick said, citing the “importance of repetition.”

The election was “a bad day for Democrats who don’t stand for anything. When democrats do stand for something, or as I have said in the past, grow a backbone, and stand up for what it is we believe, we win,” the governor said. Instead, Democrats hid from Obama and their own principles, Patrick added.

There is some truth in here as a matter of operating principle. As my old man always told me, ” you dance with them what brung you.” By running from Obama, incumbent and aspiring democrats offered no incentive to the large number of Obama loyalists to turn out and vote. Why would you go to the polls for a candidate that is abandoning your very own Lightworker? Not only did it dispirit their base it made them an object of fun as their opponents and the press had a field day with the story.


The delusional part of this discussion by Patrick is his last statement. The Democrats did stand up for what they believed in. They believed in making vote fraud a protected activity. They believed in putting the torch to the institution of marriage. They believed they could use the law to extort businesses into paying entry level workers far more than their productivity would indicate. They believed that impoverishing a family by forcing it to buy a product while, simultaneously making that product more expensive and less capable, so they could buy off a handful of votes was good policy.

The problem was neither that Obama talked too little or the voters didn’t understand what Democrats stood for. The problem was just the opposite.

More Cowbell – Saturday Night Live from Dee Three on Vimeo.


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