#TheBearIsLoose and Obama abdication of responsibility

obama on bar

In an administration that is intellectually adrift and morally bereft, the hashtag has become substitute for policy. When Vladimir Putin began his attempt to dismantle Ukraine, the utter feckless Jen Psaki and our State Department resorted to:psaki1
When Boko Haram kidnapped several hundred Christian children we got the odious First Linebacker:
boko haram michelle
As the clock runs out on the most inept administration in living memory, and maybe the most inept since that of James Buchanan, we hear stories about how Obama is bored, how he’s focused on having fun and planning his post-presidential grifting.


The newest hashtag is #TheBearIsLoose (it is being thoroughly trolled, read it for amusement).  It symbolizes, supposedly, Obama’s determination to break out of his “cage” and mingle with the lumpenproletarian, chug a double skinny soy latte at Starbucks, or wolf down an eco-friendly, fair-trade burrito at Chipotle, and is not a reference to gay subculture, NTTAWWT. But his sycophants think it is cool:

There’s a bear roaming the streets of Washington, D.C.

It’s more metaphorical than ursine. That’s how President Obama describes his recent efforts to break free of the cage that is the White House bubble. He’s been venturing out on strolls — like real bears, often in search of food, but also searching for something more.

Obama’s actions over the past year have been nothing less than a total abdication of responsibility. We are at a dangerous point for our economy, on a variety of domestic policy issues, and in world affairs. Rather than engage, Obama has elected to disengage and do so by claiming he’s so busy he just needs to break away and be with “regular people.”


The bear isn’t loose, but the sloth is asleep.



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