Obama and Hillary's great Libyan adventure melts down

Obama and Hillary's great Libyan adventure melts down

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Obama’s great Libyan experiment is taking on the air of a geopolitical Chernobyl. As we speak, US forces are being assembled to evacuate American citizens from that country:

The Obama administration is moving military assets into place in preparation for a possible evacuation of Americans from Libya, as a political crisis threatens to touch off a new wave of violence in the unstable country.

Officials say no decision has been made on whether to move U.S. personnel, particularly those at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, out of Libya. But the U.S. military is preparing in case the State Department makes the call.

Defense Department spokesman Lt. Col. Myles Caggins said eight Ospreys and three KC-130J refueling aircraft are now positioned at Sigonella air base in Italy. In addition, about 250 Marines are in Italy, as part of a team put in place in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone, it certainly isn’t here at RedState where we argued at the time that Obama’s adventure was an ill-conceived vanity project carried out in the service of people we knew nothing about and that was certain to hand control of Libya over to al Qaeda (herehereherehereherehere)

Since the US-EU sponsored civil war that resulted in the murder of Muamar Qaddafi and the overthrow of his regime without a vetted successor waiting in the wings, Libya has been sliding into state of anarchy with numerous warlords controlling various pieces of real estate and only united by a shared islamofascist world view. If we learned anything from Iraq it should have been that when you overthrow a dictatorship it takes a substantial investment of time, money, and military might to create a government worthy of the name and the beginnings of a civil society.

It is difficult to read Obama’s dishonest and self serving speech from March 28, 2011 and not be amazed at how wrong Obama was about virtually every aspect of the Libyan adventure.

Now, just as there are those who have argued against intervention in Libya, there are others who have suggested that we broaden our military mission beyond the task of protecting the Libyan people, and do whatever it takes to bring down Qaddafi and usher in a new government.

Of course, there is no question that Libya -– and the world –- would be better off with Qaddafi out of power.  I, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal, and will actively pursue it through non-military means.  But broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake.

Thousands and thousands of Libyans, and Ambassador Chris Stevens and his slaughtered colleagues, would disagree that they are better off.

Now the bill is coming due for Barack and Hillary’s Great Adventure. Egypt is back in the hands of the army. Libya is in chaos. Syria is in the throes of a deadlocked civil war that will result in Bashar al Assad retaining control of most of Syria while ceding the remainder to al Qaeda. Tunisia also seems ready to hop the water slide into dystopia.

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