Openly Gay Speaker of Rhode Island House Resigns After FBI Raid

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Gordon D. Fox, the out-n-proud gay (NTTAWWT) Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, who spearheaded the drive, so to speak, to make homosexual marriage legal in Rhode Island has resigned. He resignation followed an FBI raid in which most, if not all, of his stuff was boxed up and taken away.


Mr. Fox is a groundbreaker in a lot of ways. This apparently is the first time a Rhode Island House Speaker’s official office has ever been raided by police during the day and in the middle of a legislative session. Via the Providence Journal Gordon Fox resigns as House speaker day after investigators raid home, office

Col. Steven G. O’Donnell, superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, said the raids and the preceding investigations were joint operations by the state police and federal law enforcement agencies.
Members of the state police and federal agents executed the search warrants at Fox’s home and office, O’Donnell said Saturday, clearing up some confusion about which agencies were involved in which raids.
O’Donnell said state police investigations often result in joint operations and federal charges, especially “if it’s any type of corruption case or political person.” In such cases, he said federal prosecution is often preferable because “the guidelines are better for the punishment.”

He declined to disclose why the authorities are investigating Fox, and whether Fox is the target of the investigation or merely someone with evidence of crimes committed by others. But he said the former speaker is not in the dark.

“Fox knows what’s going on,” O’Donnell said. “He’s certainly aware of what happened” Friday and why it happened.

O’Donnell explained the timing of the raid, including the search of Fox’s State House office during business hours during the legislative session. He said investigators searched as soon as they had established enough probable cause to obtain a warrant. Delaying would not be wise, he said. “If we didn’t go in, we might lose it.”

The search of the speaker’s office may be unprecedented, according to the colonel.

“I don’t remember ever seeing the state police execute a search warrant” there, he said.


The purpose of this story is not only to highlight the endemic corruption among Democrat politicians, a corruption that cuts across all ages, races, genders, and orifice-preferences, but to also play Name That Party.

Today’s contestants are staff writers Gregory Smith ([email protected]) and Katherine Gregg ( [email protected]) who use 1800 words in the article but never manage to point out that Fox is a Democrat despite identifying at least four other politicians as Democrats and referring to the Democrat party four additional times.


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