Groupon: The Civil War Was Really, Really Funny

(hat tip to Jeff Emanuel on Twitter… follow Jeff if you aren’t already doing so.)

I’m not a faux-outrage monger. There is enough real outrage out there that you don’t have to manufacture it. But sometimes a company does something that I’m sure they think is funny and cute but is really deeply offensive and speaks to how that company views the United States.


Exhibit A: the Groupon ad above.

This arrived in today’s Groupon email missive. Not only is it historically inaccurate, it apparently confuses the Gettysburg Address with the cannonading of Fort Sumter, it is just in poor taste. Over 600,000 American died in the Civil War. The Battle of Sharpsburg remains the bloodiest single day of combat in American history.

I’m sure we can look forward to hilarious Groupon ads for the Holocaust and Slavery.

Whether you use them or not, take a few seconds, contact Groupon and let them know, in a polite way, that this is not really funny.


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