Obamacare: End it, don't mend it.

Over the next weeks we will hear more and more calls from the left and from the Vichy Caucus of the Republican party to take action to un-screw Obamacare. From the left the call will be couched in terms of aiding people victimized by the violence done to the health insurance market by the Democrat party. The GOP’s Vichy Caucus will be crying that we need to “govern” and propose our own ideas. They will point to RomneyCare and the Heritage Foundation’s support for the individual mandate.


Don’t be deceived, the people advocating cooperating in finding fixes to Obamacare are no different than the Democrats who wrote and passed the bill.

They have bought into the idea that you aren’t quite smart enough to decide what your health insurance needs are. They have bought into the idea that the government can make you buy a product you don’t want with money you don’t have in order to achieve some greater common good… like providing abortions. They have bought into the idea that a man needs maternity coverage as part of his insurance package because a woman might need it. They have bought into the idea that it is fine for the government to reduce your family to penury because in the long run you’ve received a “better policy” than the one you have. They have bought into the idea that making millions more Americans dependent upon government subsidies is a good idea. They have bought into the idea that inserting the IRS deeper into your life is a good thing. They have bought into the idea that a panel of bureaucrats is the final arbiter of the care you receive.

The only idea that we need to offer is that Obamacare is a law that acts in direct contradiction to the concept of free people and free markets. It places the federal government in loco parentis of every adult in the nation, dictating to you, a free citizen, not only what health care you can receive but how you must pay for it.


We offered a delay to Obama on October 1. He refused. There is no reason we need to make the offer again or entertain the offer if he proposes it. The only governing we must do is to demand a return to the status quo ante – either wholesale or piecemeal – not propose some amalgam of spit, baling wire, and duct tape to hold this monstrosity together.


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