Classified US Documents Still Unsecured In Libya

It is becoming increasingly difficult to explain the criminal ineptness of the Obama regime. This just breaking from the Washington Post:

BENGHAZI, Libya — More than three weeks after attacks in this city killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, sensitive documents remained only loosely secured in the remains of the U.S. mission here on Wednesday, offering visitors easy access to delicate details about American operations in Libya.

Documents detailing weapons collection efforts, emergency evacuation protocols, the full internal itinerary of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s trip and the personnel records of Libyans who were contracted to secure the mission were among the items scattered across the floors of the looted compound when a Washington Post reporter and a translator visited Wednesday.


This follows a report earlier today that Libyans who have information about the Benghazi attack have yet to be interviewed by the FBI.

Three weeks after the attack that killed four Americans in this city, the investigation of its causes remains in its initial stages, with just a handful of suspects detained, the crime scenes minimally secured and Walid Faraj waiting for a phone call from someone, anyone, asking him what he saw on the night he was injured while protecting the U.S. diplomatic post here.

When one combines this with Hillary Clinton’s stated intention to not provide a report of inquiry until after the elections, it is clear that the administration simply does not care about this incident and wants it forgotten as soon as possible.


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