Milblogger Neptunus Lex Killed In Plane Crash

One of the amazing things about the Internet is the way people you barely know can affect your life. One of those guys was Captain (ret.) Carroll LeFon who blogged at the eponymous Neptunus Lex. Back in 2004, when the Iraq war was running hot and I was new to the idea of having actual people read what I’d written, Lex lent his help, good offices, and advice on any number of my war blogs.


According to reports, Lex died when an Israeli-built Kfir fighter he was piloting crashed at NAS Fallon, NV.

He was a major voice in the milblogger community whose good humor, level head, unfailing willingness to help, and amazing writing talent will be sorely missed.

A better tribute than I could ever write can be found at the US Naval Institute.


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