Dahlia Lithwick's Sonogram Lie Implodes

Last week I posted on the egregiously dishonest line of attack being made on a proposed Virginia law requiring all women who are seeking an abortion to be given the opportunity to see an ultrasound picture of the baby before dismembering. The left, led online by Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick, who seemingly has the same grasp of medicine and human reproduction that she has of the law, has mounted one of the most transparently fraudulent assaults since anything they perpetrated on George W. Bush.


Her claim was that Virginia was RAPING WOMEN!!1!!!! because an ultrasound was being required before a surgical procedure was undertaken.

Today the story descended into farce.

Commentary Magazine apparently called Virginia’s leading purveyor of abortions, the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood, on their abortion services hotline. They got this recorded message:

“Patients who have a surgical abortion generally come in for two appointments. At the first visit we do a health assessment, perform all the necessary lab work, and do an ultrasound. This visit generally takes about an hour. At the second visit, the procedure takes place. This visit takes about an hour as well. For out of town patients for whom it would be difficult to make two trips to our office, we’re able to schedule both the initial appointment and the procedure on the same day.

Medical abortions generally require three visits. At the first visit, we do a health assessment, perform all the necessary lab work, and do an ultrasound. This visit takes about an hour. At the second visit, the physician gives the first pill and directions for taking two more pills at home. The third visit is required during which you will have an exam and another ultrasound.”

So to get an abortion in Virginia a woman would have to get at least two ultrasounds. This would be at least three times in which, to quote Lithwick’s own words, something was “inserted into the vagina, and then moved around.”


What we’ve learned here isn’t a surprise.

Before you undergo a surgical procedure there are tests. In the case of someone trying to procure an abortion to rid themselves of a troublesome “mass of cells” it is only logical that even the moral cripples who work in that business would want to be sure the patient was, in fact, pregnant, and that there weren’t other medical complications. Ultrasound, whether done externally or by something “moving around” inside the vagina is a logical choice.

The defenders of abortion are rightfully feeling beleaguered. Polls have shifted in the past years making approval of abortion a minority position. As more and more states take aim at the abortion industry, the supporters of infanticide, like Lithwick, are becoming more and more shrill… if that is possible… and unhinged.



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