Why It Doesn't Matter Who Leaked The Cain Sex Scandal

Sure it’s fun trying to figure this out, but in the end it really doesn’t matter because Herman Cain has been accused of some variety of sexual harassment by at least three former employees. And unless we’re going to play the part of Lanny Davis and James Carville in 1996, Herman Cain owes everyone some answers.


For the record, despite the pathetic mewling by Cain and his campaign manager Mark Block blaming the Perry camp for pointing Politico towards the Cain sex scandal story, I don’t see anything there more substantive than some enmity Cain obviously holds for Perry. I say enmity because of his egregious pile-on of the nothingburger “N*****head Rock” story and his statement that he would not support a Perry candidacy. Personally, I think the preponderance of evidence points to Romney.

Having said that, I don’t care. Whomever pointed this story out to Politico did the GOP a great service. I can’t imagine what the landscape would look like if Cain had won several primaries, or Heaven forfend, the nomination and then had this drop.

The fact is that despite Politico’s editorial sleaziness and water carrying for Democrat politicians, they got this story 100% right. The fact is that Cain had ten (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) days to prepare for this story and either couldn’t or didn’t. The fact is that Cain has changed his story at least four times since Monday. If you count the fact that he lied to the guy he’s accusing of leaking the story (no Herman there wasn’t “one” case, there are at least three, and I’m betting some multiple of that are yet to emerge), he’s changed it five times.


Cain’s sex scandal is a self-inflicted wound from the word “go”. If he wants to blame someone and demand an apology from that person he should send Mark Block out to Dollar General to buy a mirror.


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