Herman Cain: I Endorse Mitt Romney

That’s not exactly what he said but that is what it amounted to.

Yesterday, Herman Cain, a contender for the GOP presidential nomination, announced that he would not support Texas Governor Rick Perry for president.


Herman Cain said Wednesday that he would be unable to support Rick Perry for president if the Texas governor were to eventually win the party’s nomination.

“Today, I could not support Rick Perry as the nominee for a host of reasons,” Cain said on CNN.

He cited specifically Perry’s support for in-state tuition breaks for the children of illegal immigrants.

This is little short of stunning considering Romney’s own turning a blind eye to “sanctuary cities” in Massachusetts.

Barring a deus ex machina type intervention the GOP nominee is going to be either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. There is no doubt that Cain has gained some strength in the polls. Whether that strength is pro-Cain or a message being sent to the two front runners that they are inadequately conservative remains to be seen. Regardless, the candidates should not lose sight of the fact that the mission is to turf out Obama and his fellow travelers.

Even Mitt Romney, who also benefited from the endorsement of Tim Pawlenty when his campaign sputtered out, indicates he will support the eventual GOP nominee. Again from The Hill:

Other Republicans have shied away from similar statements, arguing that even a Republican with whom they have divergent views would be preferable to President Obama. Speaking at the Republican debate last weekend, Romney — responding to a question about which of his fellow panelists he might tap as vice president — said that any of his fellow candidates would qualify.

“You want someone who without question could become the president of the United States. These people could all fill that — that position. Any one of them would be a better president than what we have now,” Romney said.


Curiously, while Cain holds the decision by the Texas Legislature on in state tuition policy for illegal immigrants to be anathema he is unconcerned about Romney’s signature role in mucking up the Massachusetts health system so long as Romney promises to repeal ObamaCare.

Cain really needs to reconsider this comment. He’s bought a lot of good will in the GOP and the conservative movement. He has proven adept at articulating a conservative vision and in driving the nomination process in the correct direction. It is very difficult, however, to see a path to the nomination for him. It would be a shame to lose his voice if Rick Perry is nominated.



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