Questions for Mitt Romney on RomneyCare

Later today, Mitt Romney will be giving a speech about ObamaCare. My first thought when I heard this was that it was a great way to change the subject from his own record in Massachusetts. After all, the question is really about what Mitt Romney did and what he learned about it.


Therefore, I submit some questions to his campaign and I urge the press to ask them:

  1. If you were to run for and be elected Governor of Massachusetts would your first act be a repeal of Romneycare?
  2. Which parts of Romneycare do you still like?
  3. For which states do you think Romneycare would be a good model? What is different about those states?
  4. When did you change your mind and begin opposing federal individual mandates, considering that you like mandates and believe they work?
  5. Why did you change your mind on a federal mandate?
  6. Why did you sign a bill that covers abortions?
  7. Why did you sign a bill that would explode government costs without doing a single thing to offset them?
  8. Why did you completely eliminate competition in the health care marketplace by limiting the number of insurance plans?
  9. Why did you think that government was best positioned to negotiate rates with insurance companies instead of letting the market work?
  10. What would you say to small business owners who now have 6 more pages of rules and regulations on their tax forms thanks to Romneycare?
  11. Do you still think that Romneycare is a model for the nation?
  12. When did you change your mind about any of the above questions? Was it about the same time that it became politically convenient for you to do so?



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