He Doesn't Hate Your Grandma, Really.

Gary McDowell is the doomed Democrat running against rising Republican star Dr. Dan Benishek in MI-01. Gary McDowell doesn’t really hate your grandma.  It’s nothing personal, mind you.


He just thinks she should have to compete for budget like any other part of the bureaucracy.

Come on, Grams! Make your case!  Show your budgetary requirements in the current fiscal outlook going forward.  And speaking of going forward, we’re not sure you’re going to be able to complete the current budget cycle in year Zero, much less years One through Five.  So along with your funding request for that hip replacement and the seeing eye dog, please present evidence that you’ll be finishing out the year with us here, alive.

Because it’s all one pie, you know.

(h/t Steven Foley)

And while you’re at it, Grams, just put together some numbers on why you would be a good fit for that cancer drug, when we already know you’re a good fit for a pain pill.

Dr. Dan Benishek, on the other hand, knows that medical decisions should be made at the most local level possible, and that is between a doctor and patient. He supports reforming our current great medical system to make it better.

“As a practicing physician for almost 30 years, I know what it takes to deliver quality health care. Having the federal government manage, supervise, and oversee this critical part of our society is a formula for less access, less care, and more rationing.” — Dr. Dan Benishek

But there is one area in which Gary McDowell excels: the personal smear. It seems that 20 years ago Benishek restructured his finances to reduce his child support costs. This kind of thing happens, in one form or another, in every child support case. Non-custodial parents want to decide for themselves how best to support their children, and not have some judge decide. The family court refused the restructure, and Dr. Dan dropped the matter.


But Gary McDowell didn’t. He dredged up the case and tried to spin it as avoiding child support.

Unfortunately for McDowell, Benishek’s ex-wife and children will have nothing of it:

Ex-Wife DePuydt comes to Benishek’s defense and calls her current relationship with him “amicable.” Their daughter, Kirby, says her dad always provided for them and notes, “He also named all of us kids as trustees and beneficiaries of his company, to ensure our security should anything ever happen to him. The fact that my dad’s political opponents are trying to use us to damage the reputation of a very good man is disgusting. Any news outlet that entertains this story is not concerned with the reality of the situation.”

Time is running short, U.P. Tell your neighbors, people at church, employees, and friends to vote for Republican Dan Benishek on November 2.

For more information on how to Get Out The Vote, see the Concord Project.

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