A Friendly Note to Liberty.com

Promoted from the diaries by Aaron Gardner

Yeah, I am an O’Donnell supporter and I am promoting this. Being a player in politics requires you to be mature, Liberty.Com wasn’t. The ad was atrocious and it may have single handedly destroyed any chance for O’Donnell. I will be writting a small defense of O’Donnell over the weekend, as a contrast to Erick – though I agree with him in large part. Regardless of that, the below needed to be said, and said loudly. And I whole heartedly agree.


I haven’t watched the “Castle is teh gay” ad posted by Liberty.com as their big splashy opening.

And I won’t.

But I know, as anyone should, that bringing that kind of charge into a campaign is bad, no matter with how much class it’s done. “Bad” doesn’t cover it.

  • It will (not might) cause a backlash against O’Donnell.
  • It says liberty.com is a sham.
  • It says liberty.com is made of stupid.
  • It sullies the Tea Party name.

Again, I don’t need to watch the ad to say any of those things. Do you guys not read the news? States like Delaware are iffy on whether they’re going to allow gay marriage, for goodness’ sake. That should tell you something. Being gay, or having a gay affair, are not that big a deal with the electorate.

But they may be a big deal within a marriage. That you would sink to saying something publicly about a guy’s private life says something about you.

And it says something about you, and therefore about Christine’s supporters generally, that you would think having a gay affair would matter. It makes you sound desperate, and your preferred candidate, even if she had nothing to do with it, sound like a desperate sleazeball.


There are bigger issues at stake than some candidate’s morals. So with spending in Washington out of control, with our government suing states for enforcing the law, with Democrats trying to set up a tax and a market for carbon dioxide, with our health care system on the verge of being intentionally collapsed into a single-payer human control mechanism, you want to talk about smut.

Stop it. Pull the ad, if you haven’t. Stick to the issues.

Then apologize to your friends, to your donors, to the Tea Party movement, to Mike Caste, and to Christine O’Donnell.


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