Hilary Rosen Thrown Under Bus for Denigrating Ann Romney and Moms, But She Only Said What Democrats Believe

I’ve had this post started in drafts since yesterday morning. But, you know, was busily “just being a mom” and all. Eating my bon-bons and swilling my chilled Riesling took far longer than expected. Now it’s the next morning and I’m already so darn tired. If only I had a “real job” and “worked a day in my life” instead of this mom stuff. Still, I suppose my day was better than Hilary Rosen’s, who was thrown under the bus repeatedly by fellow Democrats frantic to distance themselves from her denigrating comments about Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms. As always, the Left was quick to use and toss aside a woman when she became inconvenient. Why? Hilary Rosen was merely parroting Lefty talking points, started by the very man for whom she was carrying water: President Obama. As others have pointed out already, he started the ball rolling by proclaiming that he and Michelle didn’t have the “luxury for her not to work.


This is clearly a campaign strategy; try to use the tired old class warfare stuff. Oh, those Richy Richies! Only silly little tea-having rich ladies stay home with their kids. And their nannies! So out of touch! Only, that’s not true no matter how hard Rosen’s fellow travelers try to spin it so, and the average stay-at-home mom knows that. Many women choose to make sacrifices and live with less in order to stay home with their children. Others do the math (I know! How can they understand economics thingies? That’s for boys!) and realize that the cost of childcare would outweigh whatever money they could bring into the household. So, fail again, Obama. Nice try.

It was also a tactic taken to try to destroy Mitt Romney’s best weapon — Ann Romney. I knew she’d be a target right after Super Tuesday when she gave a fantastic speech after her husband’s victories. If I, a silly little mom from bitterly clinging South Carolina could see that, then surely the ‘experts’ paid to figure out such things also saw it. Rosen’s mistake was that she couldn’t stop the sneering contempt that Democrats have for “the wrong kind” of woman from creeping out. She let out their dirty little secret: they think they are better than you and that women are unable to think for themselves without proper guidance from their Democrat overlords. Her mistake was saying too much and letting the mask slip.


She couldn’t help it. She has internalized all that she’s been taught about women and how they are unworthy unless they meet their ‘full potential” , as outlined and judged by the Left, and encouraged by many of the same people rushing to distance themselves from her today. One of the Democrats who was quick to disavow Hilary Rosen was Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The obvious hilarity aside (Wasserman Schultz was being advised by Hilary Rosen when she first offered the absurd “war on women” phrase) Wasserman Schultz exposed herself last week as someone who only worries about dirty little secrets being exposed publicly. When it was discovered that one of her aides had an old facebook posting that disgustingly called Jewish people “jewbags”, what was Wasserman Schultz most concerned about? Her own words:


 “She was 20 when she posted that picture,” Wasserman Schultz said. “I spoke to my own children and gave that unfortunate posting as an example of how, no matter what you think is funny among your friends, nothing on social media is private.”

What? “Jewbags” is totally hilarious, but don’t let non-friends know that! THAT is what she taught her children. Not that calling people “jewbags” is wrong, but that you should worry about saying what you revoltingly believe publicly. This is what got Rosen in trouble. She was “ill-advised”, as President Obama called it. Not ill-advised in what she believes, but ill-advised in admitting it outside of the Smarter Than You Lefty circles. We rubes just can’t understand the nuance-y nuance of their bigotry and misogyny, you see.


Make no mistake, they hold women in deep disdain. Hillary Clinton, conspicuously silent on this flap, admitted it years ago. Dumb old stay at home moms just sit there and bake cookies. President Obama only feels empathy for mothers insofar as they’ve been “punished” with children. He lauds Roe v. Wade as a way to let our daughters fulfill their dreams. Because what kind of idiot would be fulfilled by having children and dedicating her life to nurturing them? No, no. Your dreams must be predicated on the slaughter of over 50 million children, to save you from punishment.

When a pregnant Natalie Portman accepted her Oscar and referred to her impending motherhood as the most important role of her life the Left went even nuttier than usual. Pregnant and happy about it? Think being a mom is your most important role? For shame!

Talk about out of touch! They don’t understand what we, the women at whom they sneer in contempt, do. While there is nothing wrong with working outside of the home and having children – every woman has that choice – there is nothing more important than our children. One’s work is never in any way on par with one’s children. Most sane women work for their children; their children come first, always. Their jobs don’t make or break who they are; they embrace motherhood and understand it is an attribute in and of itself, not a detriment.


How miserable and sexist does one have to be to be upset or offended because women love their children and because women think that being a mother is unparalleled? I sometimes get weepy when I’ve had to shush my Gracie because I’m working on something. That is a moment I will have missed forever. Those are her words that I lost, never to be heard. But, then, I’m a gender traitor and such. I just don’t know any better, much like I can’t possibly understand economics thingies. Such stuff is totally beyond the ken of “just moms”. Perhaps they’d value our opinions were we incessantly screeching about our right to “free” birth control? Or perhaps if we point out that Ann Romney has created or saved more jobs by raising her five sons than President Obama has.

Nah. We’d still be women, warranting only a pat on our purty little heads and told to hush up so the big, smart men can save us, even from our own anatomies. This is why abortion is a sacrament to them. By devaluing the lives of children, they can assuage their guilt at devaluing women. Children are to be aborted at, and for, one’s own convenience or else a woman can’t function in any meaningful (as judged by the Left) way. Women are too stupid to raise children and do anything else at the same time. It’s lucky we all aren’t constantly tripping as we chew gum. Moms are dumb, incapable, non-functional and should be secluded from the rest of society, apparently. And how dare they ever presume to know anything at all besides how to make pipe cleaner animals and such?


We might not know the price of arugula, but we do know the price of everything else. We, not the alleged experts, are the boots on the ground and we see when the economy is in the crapper before anyone else does. We budget. We run the household finances. We don’t spend 40% more than we take in; granted, that does mean we can’t understand Obamanomics but only because we know that does not work. We see when we are paying more money for smaller size cartons of food. We see when we can’t afford the gas we need to chauffeur our children around to classes and sporting events as we do our best to nurture and raise them. We don’t get a day off nor do we try to foist our problems off on others. We fix them ourselves. Mommy always makes it all better!

Yet we are lesser, in the eyes of the Left. And just too stupid to realize it. Even when Rosen issued her non-apology apology, she again talked about the faux anger from the right. How can y’all be angry? You aren’t even smart enough to know what is good for you! This is what they believe. Take note, ladies. Watch for who accuses you of being fake angry; they hold you in deep, deep disdain and they always will.

They are just mad at Hilary Rosen for inadvertently letting you know that.








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