Fonda, Steinem, Feminists Beclown and Expose Themselves While Putting Out For Obama

Gloria Steinem has once again resurfaced from whatever cuckoo pants mammary tower she’s been hiding in to help pen an absurd opinion piece at CNN calling for the FCC to take Rush Limbaugh off the airways. Because, meany pants. I think it was supposed to be serious. I can’t really be sure because, oh boy, did the hilarity ensue. Her ‘writing’ partners, because it apparently takes three feminists to write one op-ed (collective thinking, baby!) were Jane Fonda (I know! My sides ache, too) and radical feminist author Robin Morgan, also an editor at the ever-inane Ms. magazine.


This op-ed, as well as the actions of some other feminist/Lefty groups, are of great value in one way: They totally expose the Left as subjugators, users and abusers of women. But let’s get the side-splitting article itself out of the way first. The trio of attention-seeking irrelevancy open with quotes they didn’t bother to source. Research is hard. Then they go on to include environmentalists in a list of The Most Vulnerable whom Rush Limbaugh has allegedly ‘attacked’. By attacked they mean people with whom he disagrees. Environmentalists! Who among us hasn’t lamented the plight of the poor environmentalists, aimlessly roaming about the country only to see signs like ‘Environmentalists need not apply”? What happened to all those ‘green jobs’ Obama promised? He is oppressing the environmentalists! Who will think of the environmentalists? WHO?

The three then exhibit a staggering lack of self-awareness by claiming that Rush Limbaugh seeks to “dehumanize” people. Um. Did Gloria Steinem forget that she called housewives “dependent creatures who are still children” and “parasites”? That is the Left’s standard operating procedure. That is what they do, always, and especially with regard to women. This has been proven over and over again and only the willfully ignorant can’t see it. This is followed by the pièce de résistance of the op-ed — they equate Rush with Josef Goebbels. No, for reals. While fascistically demanding that The State’s FCC shut down Rush Limbaugh. While seeking to silence those with whom they disagree – using hysterical lies and propagandist rhetoric – they Godwin themselves with Goebbels. Irony is lost on these geniuses.


They ended with the most hilarious line of all when they claimed ‘this is not political’. Of course it is. Everything they do is political. Perhaps Robin Morgan forgot that she said “I feel that “man-hating” is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” She also said ‘Kill your fathers, not your mothers’ – yeah, no ‘issues’ there. And Feminism itself is not about women at all; it’s about serving a political ideology and agenda always. What they fail to realize, being too busy beclowning themselves constantly, is that they are subjugators of women. They are being used – willingly, no less –  to help oppress and infantilize women, making them subservient to The State and Big Daddy Government.

They are quite literally saying that women need a Daddy State to come rushing in to soothe ouchy feelings and be their white knight protecting them from icky mean boys. Which is the same thing Fluke said; the woman for whom they are prostrating themselves to Big Daddy to defend.  She said that silly little women can’t control anything, let alone their ‘reproductive justice’ (whatever in the heck that is) without someone else rescuing them and, you know, picking up the tab. It’s also the same way they infantilize women by screeching about ultrasound laws. Helpless women are too stupid to see an ultrasound before killing their child because they might be so stupid as to change their mind! Feminist heroine Simone de Beauvoir said “No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one. “


The horror! Women making choices of their very own? Does not suit. In fact, Gloria Steinem also said that one cannot be a feminist and be conservative and pro-life. We aren’t real women, you see. Real women let others who ‘know best’, like The State, make their choices for them. Or, as another bunch of feminists proved this week, they empower themselves by demanding neither respect, honor nor care. A group called Liberal Ladies Who Lunch has launched a campaign to withhold sex (unladylike language at link) because ‘if our reproductive choices are denied, so are yours.” Idiocy, of course. But there is a larger point that they inadvertently exposed. The founder of the group said the following:

“American men enjoy the benefits of women making their own choices about when to get pregnant. Men get the advantage of free, easy access sex with young women of child-bearing age. It wasn’t like that sixty years ago. If women can’t get reliable birth control, they will just have to keep their legs crossed to prevent pregnancy–even married women. I don’t think anyone wants that.”

Huh. Can you feel the empowerment, ladies? Once again, those on the Left reduce women not only to the sum of their girly bits, but to 25 cent carnival rides requiring no respect just ‘easy and free access’. They throw themselves at pro-abortion men and laud them with tshirts saying ‘I heart pro-choice boys” because, hey, if he knocks you up, he’ll totally drive you to the abortion mill. Who cares if he’s too cheap to pick up the tab for a pack of condoms? We don’t need any respect or care, only Big Daddy Government! No responsibility for you, men. We are just here for your amusement, subservient and willing. As long as you are all pro-abortion-y and treat the children we may create without respect and as disposable, the same way you do us. That’s your legacy, Gloria Steinem. Kudos!


Conservative women can’t be Feminists, says Steinem. Thank Goodness. We’d rather be around men who respect us and honor us. And who aren’t, you know, too cheap to pick up contraceptives if we so choose. We aren’t 25 cent carnival rides. We won’t prostrate ourselves to Big Daddy Government, in fact we want him to get the hell out of our way. We won’t prostitute ourselves for Leftist politicans like Obama, to whom women are an expendable means to a political end. We’d rather think for ourselves and rely on ourselves, with the support of loving family and friends. We aren’t idiots who must think with one collective mind. We not only honor ourselves, but we honor and respect freedom and liberty.

The Left has wrongly held the For The Women card for too long and President Obama is now clearly using it as campaign strategy. It’s far past time their card was revoked. They aren’t For The Women. They are For Using The Women. They absurdly claim the GOP wants women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Well, they want us in hooker shoes, fearful of motherhood and in a cell servicing our Big Daddy Government masters.



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