Limbaugh, Fluke, ‘War on Women’ and the Travesty of Cravenly Caving to Lies of the Left

I learned something this weekend. Evidently, using the word slut is far more egregious than peeing on the Constitution and on personal and religious liberty. And being equated to a slut due to demanding that others pay for your personal sexual choices is more egregious than actually being a thirty year old perpetual student leech, spouting outright lies. Because, entitled. I had another teachable moment as well: the GOP has yet to realize what a travesty it is to cravenly cave to lefty false narratives, unbelievably giving them credence. I realized that I am very concerned about the lack of testicles (is there a mandate to cover a pill for that?) in the GOP.  But, hey, us dames will handle it with our huge sets of brass ovaries. I’ll start, as I’m a giver.


Let’s get the absurd slut faux-outrage and the hypocrisy out of the way first, since Leftist hypocrisy and misogyny happens so often that it’s nearly a cliche. For the record, Rush Limbaugh never called her a slut just for being on birth control. Or even for having lots and lots of sex, if she does. I don’t know and I don’t care to know.  That’s yet another media/Lefty (concentric circles on Venn diagram) lie. Stop falling for it. Secondly, maybe Rush should have just called her a K Street whore? N.O.W. would have endorsed him for Congress or Governor of CA. Or called her a c-word or a ‘dumb tw*t? Or called Laura Ingraham a ’slut’ instead? That’s hunky-dory, apparently. It’s totally okay if it’s the wrong kind of woman, the kind whose skirts you have to lift and check to make sure they are actually women before they vote.

But using a provocative way to point out the absolute wrongness of the arguments of a woman who freely inserted herself in the public eye and who willingly publicly discussed her personal choices (if you seek to have others pay for your personal choices, then that opens you up to scrutiny of the same. Hooray, Nanny State!) Well, that’s apparently The Worst Thing Ever. Warranting a phone call from the President, for cripes sake. Will Obama call Andrew Breitbart’s grieving family to “offer support” over truly despicable things being said about him by the Left? Gleeful reveling at the death of a husband and father of four is no big whoop. But use the word slut in reference to a liar-pants slacker who wants others to subsidize her personal choices by mandate at the expense of religious and individual liberty? Presidential phone call!


Clearly, the President did that because he knows a Useful Idiot when he sees one. But shouldn’t Sandra Fluke be all Fem-offended that the President felt the need to call and pat her on her little woman head? Oh, The Patriarchy! See, the real War on Women is being waged by the Left, who seek to keep women victims, dependent on and controlled by the Nanny State. Sandra Fluke is a tool.  

The Left is trotting her out, in collusion with the media, as a way to distract and deflect from the real issue and the real debate. They’ll use her to seek to further exploit women with transparent ploys to try to scare them, in order to help their false narrative and re-elect their Golden Boy. And then toss her aside, like they always do.

She knows no better, as her ‘testimony’ clearly showed. Which testimony, by the way, the members of the alleged Press have not questioned. They are too busy rushing to anoint her a victim-y heroine, who they won’t let be silenced! Hey, you know who won’t ‘be silenced’? Conservative broads. And we procreate (insert maniacal, yet girly, laughter).

Not one has even questioned the veracity of the statements in her ‘testimony’, which were so absurd they were almost comical. Most of it was typical slacker/entitlement mentality nonsense. We are to feel sorry for her, a thirty year old woman at Georgetown Law School, because she can’t afford some things. Paying for one’s own birth control is an ‘untenable burden’. No, really. She said that. If this mandate is supposedly (wink, wink, nudge nudge) to help The Poor ™, why is she asking – nay, demanding – that religious institutions be forced to subsidize self-absorbed 30 year old students at a fancy pants school? Instead of a law degree, she should receive a PhD in mooching; Doctor of Entitlement! Listen, honey, grow up. Get a real job and not some made up ‘reproductive rights activist’ job and, you know, stop buying stuff you can’t afford. Prioritize, baby! It’s easy. We grown-ups do things like that. Get out of your perpetual childhood-ridden Ivory tower. Try for a little less whinies and a little more thinkies. “Your body, your choice?” Your money, toots.


She then upped the absurd by testifying that numerous female students at Georgetown are so stupid that they wander aimlessly about not seeking medical care because they can’t read insurance policies. She publicly announced that women are so stupid that they don’t know how to read. Perhaps they should pick a different field of study than law where reading is, you know, fundamental? And perhaps ‘Reproductive Rights Activist’ isn’t the best job for Sandra Fluke if she can’t explain things to these poor, silly little women so they won’t be shocked – SHOCKED – that a Jesuit school won’t pay for their contraceptives. Further, the cost of contraceptives that she offered in her testimony indicates that the Planned Parenthood just down the road must be price gouging. Shouldn’t this be investigated? For The Women and all. She then grossly stated that a woman who was raped didn’t go to the doctor because she assumed it wasn’t covered as it was a ‘reproductive health’ issue. Beyond despicable. Yet not one question from the Press.

Once again, the Left demagogues rape and re-victimizes rape victims all as an end justifies the means. And this is the woman we are to apologize to? This is the kind of disgusting false narrative, full of exploitation and outright lies that we cravenly cave to? We just did it yet again during the reprehensible ‘an ultrasound is just like rape’ meme that the Left perpetrated in collusion with the Press. Governor McDonnell caved. Joe Scarborough disgustingly adopted not just the narrative, but the terms of the Left. Once you accept their premise in any way and adopt their revolting terms to boot, you are saying their argument is legitimate. And you’ve lost.


Why apologize to our enemies ever? And believe me, that IS what Fluke is. She is an enemy of the First Amendment, enemy of the truth, enemy of individual liberty and is harmful to all especially women. It’s ironic, and not in the slacker-hipster way, that they seek to quash the religious liberty of some while trying to force us all to ascribe to their religion of Leftism.

On the plus side, as constant shake fisty scowling gives me wrinkles, this Fluke circus and the Virginia ultrasound bill jackassery has made it easy to spot who falls for feminist/lefty/media spin and lies. And we’re watching. With our sets of brass ovaries. I know, I know – optics! We don’t want to be meany pants. We want them to like us! Guess what? They don’t and they never will. You aren’t even really human to them. They have no moral compasses; they are gleeful when we die and when four children become fatherless. I always say this is the difficulty we face, as people with moral compasses. We face an opponent who has none and who will use ours against us. And they need the War on Women lie to win. Stop giving it credence!

And  if protecting liberty is bad optics and if calling out lies and giving instead the simple truth is bad optics, then isn’t it far past time for some collective corrective vision? Maybe there is a mandate for that.


Cross-posted from Breitbart’s Big Journalism



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