Demagoguing Rape, Exploiting Victims: The Degenerate Left Continues to Use and Abuse Women

Out: Hitler analogies. In: rape demagoguery.  If you are a morally bankrupt Leftist, that is. And it’s not just ‘fringe’, either. Mainstream Democrats, including our own Vice-President, are hopping on the revolting bandwagon that reached the nadir of it’s journey this week. While it’s been well-shown that Democrats are not For The Women, in fact they are anything but, the reprehensible actions of late have shown the depth of their depravity and their outright contempt and disdain for women.


Their true misogynistic colors were never more clearly exposed than they were during the putting forth of two contemptible memes, invented by the Left, in the past couple of weeks. The first one was that the rampant rapes at OWS camps are totally okay. Because, A Cause. Jumping right in came the ever disgusting Keith Olbermann, late to the whitewashing of OWS gravy train. He started by not denouncing  Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas’s statement that no one cares if women are raped at OWS camps because it’s about the message. Suck it up, ladies! What’s a little rape if it’s for a cause? It’s all about the “movement”. Women, as always, are disposable and expendable to the Left. And victims can be re-victimized and exploited; the end justifies the means, you see. Even if the means are raped women.

He then doubled-down by claiming that a 14 year old girl had consensual sex, so it wasn’t rape. With a 24 year old convicted sex offender. To Olbermann, a vile, despicable excuse for a man (I wouldn’t want to disparage illegitimate children by comparing them to this scum), it’s no big whoop. I mean, she’d probably just grow up to be a mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick anyway, right Keith? It wasn’t truly surprising, since the Left pulled the same thing in defense of their fellow traveler, Roman Polanski. Remember, that wasn’t rape-rape of a 13 year old child. It’s not child rape if someone who shares your Lefty ideology does it. Plus, I’m sure they think, hey, he only sodomized her. He was saving her from the risk of a ‘punishing’ pregnancy and the threat of actual rape via ultrasound. Which leads us to the second exploitative meme: transvaginal ultrasounds are the equivalent of rape.


As a woman who has experienced both, the equating of a transvaginal ultrasound with rape is beyond despicable. For the women, my arse.

The transvaginal ultrasound that I had when pregnant with my daughter did not cause me violent, bodily harm. It did not put me in fear for my life. It did not cause me to have to still sleep with a light on. The rape did, even to this day — twenty years later. It did not make me have to constantly plan my shopping trips to avoid the dark or suffer the fear and heart racing caused by walking alone through a dark parking lot. To this day. It did not make me introverted and fearful in social situations, convinced that everyone was staring at me. Hello, mad hair twirling!

It did not leave scars on my face and chest, caused by a broken beer bottle used as one of the weapons against me. And while those scars may have faded to the point that only I can see them, the scars that no one can see on the inside are still there. And always will be.

The Left is claiming that an ultrasound is rape because it is an object being penetrated inside a woman’s body. Or something. (warning: unladylike language). I’m not really sure what they are attempting to say because I’m not insane. Rape is not about penetration and only those who would diminish rape and re-victimize those who have been raped would think so. It’s about dominance and fear and power and assault and the evil that lurks in the minds of some alleged men. But, hey, that’s exactly like a standard medical test for a voluntary procedure. A euphemistically called “procedure” that takes someone else’s life, by the way.


Oh, and if you dare question that – or even mention the fact that transvaginal ultrasounds are not even mandated in the Virginia bill that has the Left grossly exploiting rape victims – then you deserve to be raped. Just ask Dana Loesch, who had rape wished on her this week.

Her caller must have been channeling our very own Vice President. Not long ago, when trying to snake oil-y sell us the Jobs Bill, he talked about how he wished opponents of the bill (including women) had some notion of what it was like to be raped and have a 200 pound man standing over them telling them to submit. I have, Joe. Would you care to ask me that to my face? I’d like to respond with my fists. Again, demagoguing rape is not surprising from an administration who uses women for an agenda and then supports and embraces a ‘movement’ that treats women as objects to be violently assaulted and then thrown under the tent when they become inconvenient.

They diminish rape, empower rapists and re-victimize those who have been raped — for attempted political points. Demagoguing RAPE. They have truly moved past rock bottom and are scraping the earth’s mantle. Their abuse of women knows no bounds. They know an ultrasound is in no way like rape; in fact, Planned Parenthood uses them themselves before sucking a child from a woman’s womb. But that’s the point, isn’t it? They just don’t want silly little women to see the ultrasounds themselves. They are trying to scare women with cries of ‘it’s just like rape”- an ultrasound –  as a way to push the ‘ball of cells’ lie to women. All so that more women will kill their children completely uninformed. Informed choice my strappy sandal-clad foot. See the actual baby? That doesn’t suit. It’s not good for the blood money bottom line.


Using rape and women who have been raped in an attempt to kill more babies. I’m sickened by these revolting cretins. The blood money and the deplorable The Cause ™ are more important than the lives of children and the women who bear them.

The pathetic excuse for a man who assaulted me killed himself in jail awaiting trial. Which was yet another thing that scarred me further, unlike the ultrasound that only brought me the joy of seeing my daughter for the very first time. But one day a dear friend of mine told me that killing himself was the most honorable thing that man ever did or would have done in his miserable life. It’s sad that he, a rapist, perhaps had more honor than the people on the Left exploiting rape victims, as a way to ensure the death of more children via abortion, today.


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