Ezra Klein: Never Mind Stopping Occupy Rapes, Violence and Fetid Squalor, The Important Benefit of Eviction Is Helping The Movement!

The ever absurd Ezra Klein of The Washington Post is at it again, refusing to remain silent and just be thought a fool rather than speak, or write, and have it confirmed. This turn on the idiot merry-go-round is his little defense of Occupy Wall Street and his breathless desire that the eviction save them. Not the women assaulted at the protests nor the people harmed by other actions of the protesters, mind you. No, no – it’s The Movement ™ that he glorifies and about which he’s concerned:


The occupation of Zuccotti Park was always going to have a tough time enduring for much longer. As the initial excitement wore off and the cold crept in, only the diehards — and those with no place else to go — were likely to remain. The numbers in Zuccotti Park would thin, and so too would the media coverage. And in the event someone died of hypothermia, or there was some other disaster, that coverage could turn. What once looked like a powerful protest could come to be seen as a dangerous frivolity.

After the excitement wore off? You mean all the super exciting rapes and assaults and tuberculosis outbreaks? LOLZ rape – such a frivolity! But, hey, at least the Mayor spared them from raping and assaulting while at risk of catching a chill! And maybe some of those raped and assaulted were some of those ‘undesireable’ types who would have ended up costing us more money in the long run, right Ezra? Like babies of those who don’t have the means, according to you, to care for them? Plus, it’s all about The Cause, as always, to you. What’s a little rape, assault, outbreak of disease and homicide? It’s all about The Movement, baby! Everyone, including women and children, are disposable for ‘the greater good.’

In aggressively clearing them from the park, Bloomberg spared them that fate. Zuccotti Park wasn’t emptied by weather, or the insufficient commitment of protesters. It was cleared by pepper spray and tear gas. It was cleared by police and authority. It was cleared by a billionaire mayor from Wall Street and a request by one of America’s largest commercial real estate developers. It was cleared, in other words, in a way that will temporarily reinvigorate the protesters and give Occupy Wall Street the best possible chance to become whatever it will become next.


First, they were in no way aggressively cleared from park. To the contrary; they were indulged and coddled at the expense of all around them.

They were allowed to build what amounted to a squatter city for *months* to the detriment of the entire neighborhood and those trying to do an honest days work in said neighborhood. But who cares about people who are actually struggling, right? I mean, y’all had drum circles! And ‘income inequality’ chants – the irony of those who sit around on their arses all day, squatting in a park, screeching about ‘income inequality’ is lost on you, huh, Ezra? Kind of hard to complain about inequality when one refuses to even bother earning an income at all. Maybe if one bothered trying to earn an income or, you know, live in reality then one would realize that the whole ‘income inequality’ thing is a total myth anyway.

Also a myth? Your entire grossly romanticized idea of the ‘Occupy movement’ – a movement the press has been trying to whitewash since its inception. The rampant examples of violence and degeneracy were spun as ‘fringe’. Well, guess what? If everyone is fringe, then no one is. At some point, fringe becomes the norm – and oh how it did. Not just at the original Zuccotti Park site, but at every major ‘Occupy’ site; the rap sheet is miles long.

Funny how the opposite was true with the Tea Party. In that instance, the press desperately tried to demonize them and continues to try to do so. Two years of frantic attempts to paint the Tea Party with a villainous brush, but to no avail. You can’t invent things that aren’t there, toots, no matter how hard you try and hold your breath and stomp your feet and clench your little juicebox-laden fists. People saw with their own eyes that the Tea Parties were nothing like the Occupy protests. There were no acts of violence, no filth, no assaults, no law-breaking. Because, Conservatives aren’t cretins. Further, Tea Party ralliers played by the rules; they applied for and obtained permits, they paid for them, they assembled peaceably, cleaned up after themselves and left peacefully, always. What squares, huh? Puritans!


With the ‘Occupiers’ you can attempt to whitewash all you want, but contrary to your Oh So Much Smarter Than Us opinion, people aren’t stupid. They can see the difference between the Tea Party rallies and the Occupy degenerates. I would have not one smidgen of nervousness taking my 8 year old daughter to a Tea Party rally. I would never, ever take her within miles of an ‘occupy’ protest, however. They are not safe for grown women, let alone children.

Sane and honest people can see through your spin and see things for what they are. No one’s rights are being squashed – in fact, the ‘Occupiers’ are the ones who seek to trample on the rights and peaceful existence of others. Most people who don’t live in their mom’s basement will understand how Governor Nikki Haley said it today:

We held a press conference at 4:00. I appreciate freedom of speech. I do not appreciate mattresses on the grounds, urinating in the bushes and damage of state property. Occupiers were given until 6:00 to move off the property. They are welcome to picket during daylight hours. We respect the Rule of Law in South Carolina.

I know, that’s beyond your ken; ‘the rule of law’ existing for over 100 years old and all.

The question is what, if anything, comes next for Occupy Wall Street. The movement has already scored some big wins. As this graph by Dylan Byers showed, they have changed the national conversation. Income inequality is now a top-tier issue. Before Occupy Wall Street, it wasn’t.

And perhaps that will be the legacy of Occupy Wall Street.

No, Ezra, their legacy is that they showed the Left for what it truly is. And it ain’t pretty. The world was watching and they didn’t like what they saw, even through the attempted white-washing spin of the press. They sealed their own fate and it wasn’t a fate of ‘dangerous frivolity’.  It was plain old dangerous.

You see, idjit, Zuccotti Park – and other ‘protest’ sites across the country – were cleared because the ‘protesters’ were violent, dangerous cretins. You are hoping the ‘movement’ has been saved? I’m more concerned with saving women from being raped and assaulted and saving innocent people from the actions of those in the movement. Silly me! But you’re right on one thing, Ezra; it’s not that they had insufficient commitment. It’s that they’ve been insufficiently committed – to jail cells, where they belong.


UPDATE: Verum Serum has sorted the “Occupy” rap sheet by type of crime – save this movement? I think not. Save the victims.



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