Univ of Iowa Gender Studies Professor Shrieks Obscenity At College Republicans

A Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies professor, actually. I know. I can’t stop giggling at “gender and sexuality studies professor” either. Can you imagine paying, say, $200,000 to get a degree in something called gender and sexuality studies? I must meet the people who do that, because I’ve got a nice bridge to sell them. In fact, I’m willing to teach a seminar on “gender and sexuality studies” for them at $100 a pop. The syllabus: “Some people have fancy wombs. Some people do not. Sometimes they find each other attractive. The end.”


Anyway, this illustrious professor, Ellen Lewin, was highly offended by the fact that there are – gasp – those evil beings known as Republicans at her campus.  This does not suit. So, she sent an email, from her official University of Iowa email account, saying “F*** YOU REPUBLICANS”.  Only she didn’t use the classy asterisks. She did use the all caps; that’s how you know she’s super serious. She failed to use the “!!!!1111111eleventy” for extra emphasis, though. For shame. What kind of gender studies professor are you, for cripes sake? What do you do when you need to screech about The Patriarchy!!!!11111eleventy?

A brief synopsis below:

A University of Iowa professor who studies same-sex relationships was so upset by a mass email from a campus Republican group promoting “Conservative Coming Out Week” that she fired off a vulgarity aimed at all Republicans.

Ellen Lewin, a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies, responded to the email by writing, “F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS” from her official University of Iowa email account.

Okay, I’m giggling at the “Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies” again. An entire Department, even.

The ever putrid Gawker called her a “hero professor” (she’ll probably get ticked at that. Hello? Heroine! What, only males can be heroic? Oppressors!) for her oh-so-excellent example of ‘civility’ (screen shot here; NSFW language).


The horrific crimes – existing only in Ellen’s little head – perpetrated by the College Republicans?

They dared use the phrase “come out of the closet”. Those monsters. Also, they like to eat meat, which is offensive to people who are more into “animal rights” than the right to life for humans. Or something. Personally, I find the idea of an Animal Rights BBQ hilarious. And I think I’ll host one myself next weekend, for my birthday.

I should note that several things in the original message were extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity.  Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event “conservative coming out day,” appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement.   Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work.  And the “Animal Rights BBQ” is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause.  Then, in the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member, or indeed, for anyone to refer to an adult with whom they are not acquainted.  I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive.

Rising to the level of obscenity! Oh, my tummy. This is what happens when you spend your entire adult life clad in Birkenstocks, sipping soy lattes, ensconced in an ivory tower. Get out a little, Ellen. Try smiling instead of furrowed brow scowling, all bitter like.  Maybe try going barefoot, in the kitchen even.


And instead of your usual jackassery, try to practice some of that new tone you expect everyone else to adapt. There. I just spoke a little truth to power to you. We’re stealing that phrase, too. You’re welcome.

(the oh-so-offensive – obscene, even – announcement from the College Republicans follows below. Hide your children, hide your wives before casting your eyes upon such a horror)

From: UI College Republicans

Subject: [NonAcadStudorg] Conservative Coming Out Week

Conservatives in Iowa City it is now time to come out of the closet!

I know at times it feels like you are the only person that disagrees with this liberal town, but you are not alone! We are asking all Republicans, Independents leaning right, or just anyone slightly frustrated with the current one party controlling every level of Johnson County, and some levels of Iowa and U.S. government to STAND UP!

Conservative Coming Out Week will be April 18th – April 22nd. Here is the schedule of events that will be going on throughout the week:

Monday: Whose Conservative Anyway? Guess which athletes, movie stars, and performing artists are Republican. 11-1 on Kautz Plaza off of the T. Anne Cleary Walkway.

Tuesday: Red vs. Blue Blood Drive from 2 to 6pm at the Carnival Room in Burge. Competition between the Republicans and Democrats for a good cause!

-College Republican meeting that night at 8pm in 71 Schaeffer Hall with showing of “Journey’s with George” in honor of President George W. Bush.

Wednesday: Come pick up your Doctors’ Notice to miss class for “sick of being stress”, just like the Wisconsin public employees during the union protests from 11 to 1 on the Pentacrest.

Thursday: Red vs Blue games! Beat the UDems in kickball and flag football from 4-6 in Hubbard Park. Wear your respective political parties color!

Stick around for a Animal Rights BBQ at 6 p.m.

Friday: Wear RED Day! Come out of the closet and show your true colors!

Should be a great week! Lets come out!



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