Slate’s Weigel Admits Mainstream Media Is Now Irrelevant and Useless

Dave Weigel seems to admit that the mainstream media is not very important at all. He does so in a post for Slate,wherein he is trying to spin the reasons why Sarah Palin’s knocked-out-of-park speech in Wisconsin went mostly ignored by the mainstream media. Says Weigel (emphasis mine):


For what it’s worth, I mentioned Palin’s speech yesterday and talked about it on… drum roll… MSNBC. But is it a mystery or sign of bias when an author and former vice presidential candidate gives a speech at a rally and it doesn’t get national news coverage?Mansour, Nolte et al know that conservatives have all the access they want to Palin’s speech, through live-streaming and other videos. It doesn’t matter whether the media covers it.

So, according to Weigel, there is no need for silly old news programs or news networks or newspapers. People can just find the news themselves. Good to know, Dave. You know that leaves you out of a job, right? Willing to throw yourself under the bus, simply to spin away any truth that is positive toward Palin, I suppose. You’re a giver!

As for the rest, yes Mr. Weigel, it is a sign of bias. You see, usually every little thing she does is made into a huge kerfuffle, down to typos on her twitter account. Yet when she knocks a speech out of the damn park – a speech that adds to speculation of a Presidential run – there are crickets? That indicates something and it sure isn’t complimentary to journalistic ethics. Would it have helped had she jotted down a note on her hand (oh, the horror) prior to the speech so y’all could have caught that on camera? And then reported on it endlessly, being so newsworthy and all.


But, whatever, it totally doesn’t matter whether the media covers it since *conservatives* can see it online, right? They are the only bitter clingers who should watch such things. Of course, we wouldn’t want anyone else to see it now, would we? That wouldn’t suit the she’s a big dum-dum and unserious narrative. And it certainly doesn’t help that she destroyed Obama in the speech.

Naturally, the media doesn’t want to cover THAT. Questioning The One is not allowed.

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