CNN's Crowley Learns That Secretary Rumsfeld Is Also A Myth Buster

The Discovery Channel would do well to hire Secretary Rumsfeld for a very special episode of Mythbusters, as Candy Crowley of CNN recently learned the hard way. Secretary Rumsfeld is busting tail to promote his book, Known and Unknown, A Memoir and Sunday’s stop on the whirlwind tour of interviews and media appearances was an interview with Crowley. By the way, Donald Rumsfeld is busting tail so hard because, being the evil Republican that he is, all proceeds will go to aid military families. Unlike the proceeds of then Senator Obama’s books; like most Lefties, Obama believes that charity begins at home, only in your home. Not in my backyard and not in my wallet! Plus, have you seen the price of arugala? Sheesh!


Anyway, during the interview (video after the jump) Ms. Crowley trotted out the tired, lame trope about how the entire world totally hearts us now. Because, Obama. As Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times reported, Ms. Crowley then seemed utterly flabbergasted that Secretary Rumsfeld called her on the idiocy, and falsity, of such claims. How can this be? He is historic and The One and all. Here is part of an exchange, in which Candy Crowley kept trying to persist in her delusion that President Obama’s awesomeness wipes out, you know, actual fact:

She stated: “Well, he seems to be quite popular overseas in a way that President Bush was not. The streets aren’t full of people burning him in effigy.”

She continued: “There does seem to be a new — a chance to look at America in a different way than it did during the Bush administration. You don’t think that’s true?”

Rumsfeld replied: “I don’t think that’s true and I don’t think that there’s data that would support that.”

Crowley didn’t need any data. She persisted: “Even though the streets look differently?”

As you might expect from some stubborn Republican, Rumsfeld stuck to his guns: “I just don’t think it’s correct.”

Andrew Malcolm also helpfully provided some photographic evidence, since reading is hard – and for Ms. Crowley, so is reality.

Huh. Those look like effigies to me, but I’m no fancy pants journalist, I suppose. Not only were Crowley’s claims utterly false, the notion that foreign policy success is based on school girl crush type popularity is absolutely absurd. It’s actually frightening that allegedly esteemed journalists believe that to be true. I asked Secretary Rumsfeld’s office for a comment regarding that inane theory proffered and received the following statement from Keith Urbahn, Secretary Rumsfeld’s chief of staff:


The equation of Middle East policy with a popularity contest is ludicrous. And in any event, a cursory look at statistics indicates that President Obama, even as a Nobel Laureate, has not changed global opinions about America.

Exactly. The seas didn’t part and the effigies and American flag burnings did not stop. The upheaval and turmoil in the middle east did not cease; in fact it has arguably gotten worse. President Obama has not helped our image globally, but rather he has harmed it by embarking on endless apology tours, by bowing in subservience to foreign leaders, by offering foreign policy that amounts to nothing more than “Hey, man, unclench your fists. I can haz cookie now?”, and by allowing a foreign leader to disparage our country and demonize the state of Arizona from our House floor.

He has done all he possibly could to try to squander good will and to destroy the special relationships that we have with both Israel and Great Britain. He has made this nation weaker, not stronger. Those who hate America and seek to harm it, still feel the same way. Only now they likely see that as a more easily obtainable goal. This is clear to absolutely anyone who pays attention and doesn’t allow themselves to be blinded by the childish belief “they like him! They really like him!” They don’t. He couldn’t even score the Olympics for his own home town, for cripes sake.


During the interview, Rumsfeld also laid waste to the notion that President Obama deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize:

“He had not accomplished a thing when he got the Nobel Prize, it was given to him on hope — had to have been, because there wasn’t anything that he’d done. He’d been in office 15 minutes,” Rumsfeld told CNN’s Candy Crowley in an interview.

Even President Obama had to almost admit as much. When he accepted his win of the award, he said it wasn’t really based on accomplishment to date, but was really a ‘call to action’.  It should be renamed the Potential For Super Awesomeness Prize; it would have as much meaning. Hey, I stink at singing, but I feel I have potential and am ready to take it on as a “call to action”. Grammy, please!  I have a shot at the Nobel, too, I suppose. I mean, how hard can it be to blame George W. Bush for my own failures?

The Nobel point really exemplifies the problem. The media still persists under the delusion that The One is all-powerful and omni-loved. They believe that the cult of personality that was his Presidential campaign and subsequent win is still ongoing – and that it’s all that matters. We shouldn’t really be surprised. Obama’s entire ascension to the Presidency was based on nothing tangible. He had no actual achievements, besides having the audacity to write two memoirs. Before the age of 40. Which, it turns out, he didn’t even write himself.


In this interview, Rumsfeld busted all those media myths. CNN’s Crowley, however, merely proved that the Left’s useful idiots are just idiots. Never let the facts get in the way, right, media?


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