Thoughtful, On-Target Palin Responds To Attacks; Left Loses Last Grip On Reality

I know, my use of the term on-target makes me a vitriolic, hateful rhetoric espouser in the eyes of some. It’s not conducive to the “new tone” we are all supposed to embrace for some unfathomable and delusional reason. Of course, this new tone doesn’t apply if one is speaking about Sarah Palin, who is apparently the cause of All Bad Things Ever, in perpetuity. Even here, we are on day three of no school due to snow. In South Carolina. Does Palin’s evil reach have no bounds?!


The Left and the media, as always concentric circles on a Venn diagram, attempted for days to spin a false and odious narrative placing blame for the shooting in Tucson on Sarah Palin and everyone like her. Because, vitriol. Or something. Days of vile political opportunism, on the backs of the dead. Days of disgusting smears the likes of which I’ve never seen before in my lifetime. Days of giddily and gleefully exploiting deaths, including those of a federal judge and a nine year old child, all in an attempt to score political points and to silence and demonize those with whom they disagree.

That the facts did not support such claims even one iota meant nothing. In fact, they absolutely ignored all evidence and truths and proceeded to just make stuff up. All focused on Sarah Palin, who miraculously manages to be a dumb old chick from the sticks and the most evil person alive. She’s kind of like George W. Bush that way, I suppose. Chris Matthews went so far as to put a graphic up during his show last night with Sarah Palin’s picture, reading underneath “Silent: On The Lam.” On. The. Lam. As if some fugitive, implying that she, along with the tea party, is somehow responsible for a massacre perpetrated by a madman.

Today, Sarah Palin released a video statement. It is a thoughtful, inspiring, dead-on (violent rhetoric!) response (the full transcript can be found here):



A pitch perfect response, both from the heart and smart. Naturally, that then caused the Left to lose whatever tenuous grip they had left on reality. See, Sarah Palin was bad for being “silent and on the lam” last night. But, today, she is super icky for responding and not remaining silent. After being accused for days of having “blood on her hands” and of being responsible for the acts of a madman. Who, incidentally, apparently did not even watch nor listen to the news and, therefore, likely did not even have any knowledge of the supposedly evil cross-hairs graphic. Or anything else for that matter.  It was clear almost immediately that the left was actually upset because her response was exactly correct. Based not just on emotion – actual heartfelt emotion – but on facts and reason. Pesky old reason! That does not suit. The new “in” thing is complete fabrications, mixed with a healthy dose of utter delusion. Therefore, the smears continued, predictably.

First came speculation from Ben Smith at Politico, and others, that Sarah Palin was ‘stirring the pot” with the use of the phrase blood libel and that the phrase must have been fed to her by someone who “got” the context. Oh, no, that dum-dum rube obviously doesn’t know the historical context and just somehow randomly came up with that phrase while prattling inanely and brushing her hair, soon to be distracted  by something shiny. History? That’s for boys!  She was also decried for the use of the phrase itself, even though it’s been used many times by others and is a common phraseology in the political world. It is also absolutely accurate in this instance.


Next came Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)  in a desperate act of projection. He said:

“You know, Sarah Palin just can’t seem to get it, on any front. I think she’s an attractive person, she is articulate,” Clyburn said on the Bill Press radio show, according to The Hill. “But I think intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what’s going on here.”

I’d say it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but I”m sure that would be racist and political “hate speech”. Clyburn is good at inventing racist acts as well. Unfortunately, he is not intelligent enough to understand that lies are easily proven as lies when there are large groups of people around, all with some form of video capturing devices. Next came Adam Serwer, at the Washington Post who wrote the following drivel:

Now, mere days after the incident, with six people dead and Giffords still recovering, Palin is making herself the center of attention. It might please the audience for conservative talk radio or Fox News, but most people will be disgusted. As well they should be.

How does Serwer, and others like him, sleep at night? And what color is the sky in their deranged world? Palin is making herself the center of attention?  How dare she respond to continuous and constant claims that she be held responsible for mass murder!  Who does she think she is? And how dare she defend innocent people who are also being accused of fomenting a “climate of hate” – by merely voicing their thoughts and opinions – so pervasive that madmen bear no responsibility for their own actions. The depth and stench of  the manure the Left is shoveling is astounding. They made Sarah Palin the center of attention by attempting to blame her, on the backs of the dead, solely in a demented attempt to score political points.


More followed.  She was also demonized for not being apologetic by the LA Times in an article with the headline “Sarah Palin unapologetic after criticism related to Arizona shootings“.  “Criticism” must be the Newspeak way to say disgusting demonization. Further, why should she apologize? There is one person responsible for the murderous rampage in Tucson and that is Jared Loughner.  She was accused of “sullying” the nation with her very existence. Others claimed she has decided that she is one of the victims of the Tucson shooting.

The list goes on and on. The epically disgusting behavior of the Left during a time of tragedy cannot even fully be explained nor chronicled. It’s too much. One thing is clear; Sarah Palin scares them. And it’s not because she is violence foment-y or fosters a “climate of hate.” It’s because she is not afraid of them. It is because she is strong. It is because she will not let them silence American citizens. She won’t be cowed by their attempts to sneeringly dismiss a “little woman’s” intelligence. She didn’t run when they then moved onto attempts to outright dehumanize and demonize her. Is it also because her statement today showed real leadership? While the Left continues to odiously politicize tragic deaths, Sarah Palin is striving to help strengthen the country with comforting and emotion-filled words in a time of tragedy. She is choosing to stand up for, comfort and inspire her fellow citizens. She is not trying to pin the murderous acts of a lunatic on good, innocent people to further her own end.


My “new tone”? I’ll choose Sarah Palin.

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