Dan Benishek: Of The People, By The People

We are getting down to the wire here and a candidate who can win needs our help. Dan Benishek is running in MI-1 for the seat that Bart Stupak is vacating. Y’all remember Bart Stupak, right? The man who proved that the myth of the Pro-Life Democrat is just that; a myth. He disgustingly sold out the unborn, after promising not to, and voted for Obamacare. Then bravely ran away, in the form of retirement.


Dan Benishek is the man that can, and should, replace the cowardly Stupak. He has a money bomb going on right now; donation page can be found here. His latest ad, entitled “Get Us Back” shows why we need him to win:


Sarah Palin endorsed Dan Benishek earlier this month. At the time of her endorsement, she said this:

There’s a lot of talk about the race in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District.  Dr. Dan Benishek is the kind of commonsense voice we need in Washington to replace the retiring Bart Stupak. As a physician, he understands why Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with true health care reform. Dan is determined to work to get our country’s fiscal house in order. As a self-described “hunter and fisherman and proud member of the NRA,” he’s great for Michigan 1st District, which like Alaska, is home to outdoor enthusiasts who love their hunting and fishing.

She’s right. I’d only add that Dan Benishek “gets” it. The ad featured above? That ad was made by the grassroots. Specifically, it was created by our very own Ben Howe, whose recent trilogy of videos can be found here, here and here.

Dan Benishek doesn’t just talk the talk, you see. He’s fully engaged. He is truly of the people and by the people. He went to the grassroots to hear what they have to say. He put his trust in them. When the ad was released, this is what his campaign had to say:


At this critical moment of the campaign, Dan has put his trust in the grassroots to convey his commonsense conservative message.

This is not your typical campaign ad. It’s not all about Dan. It’s about the things that upset ordinary Americans and got them politically involved for the first time in their lives: too much spending; the bailouts; a growing debt; higher taxes; an out-of-control government that ignores the people.Dan will fight for you in Washington.

No, not typical at all. It’s not Washington as usual. It’s not the typical entitlement mentality. Dan Benishek is a man who will fight for, and with, We, The People. Let’s fight for him, too.

Please pay a visit to his website here.


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