NOW Rewards Sexism; Strengthens Jerry Brown's Pimp Hand With Endorsement

N.O.W., the National Organization of Whores, leaped into the lead for the title of most epically hypocritical organization this week. Whoops, silly me!  I mean National Organization for Women. But, as ExJon of Exurban League pointed out to me, they won’t mind being called whores, will they? I mean, they obviously have no problem with that term, otherwise a group who claims to be For the Women ™ would not, you know, endorse men who slur women with that term, now would they? Of course they would. And did.


A mere 24 hours after Jerry Brown was caught calling Meg Whitman, his opponent in the race for California Governor, a “whore”, they endorsed him. Proof positive once again that Leftist feminists, including their cult-like organizations, will stop at nothing, even rewarding sexism, to further their true agenda. An agenda which is not one of concern for women at all.  To the contrary; leftist feminists actually use women, solely as a way to further this agenda. And heaven forfend if some women don’t fall for their lies nor allow themselves to be used. Then, they are called whores or brainless sex objects only. And if trying to diminish one through sexualization fails, they’ll move onto trying to take her gender away totally by calling her “a big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it”. Or “Pat Buchanan in drag”. Or a host of other garbage spewed forth in venom-filled animus meant to demean and dehumanize the offending woman. By offending, I of course mean free thinking conservatives.

Like Meg Whitman, an accomplished and smart woman who actually exemplifies “having it all,” yet is called a whore. And NOW gives their approval by endorsing the man who called her that. Perhaps Whitman is not pro-choice enough for them? It has been reported that she supports parental notification laws as well as protections for unborn babies from partial birth abortion. How dare she!  If only she was more like the pro-abortion Barbara Boxer, Ma’am, who believes that babies have no rights until a mother chooses to bring him or her home from the hospital.


Surely that can’t be all. Jerry Brown must be a super champion for women, right? Well, except for that whole not believing that health insurance should cover mammograms deal. Preventative Shmentative! I mean, it’s just women, am I right fellas? Apparently so, as just last year a government panel also decided that there is no need to waste  rations money nor time on silly old mammograms and the boondoggle of the health care bill that the Democrats passed is rife with anti-woman conditions. Government Health Care, run by Senators;  the only way we dames can expect to get a breast exam is via a “waitress sandwich“. 

But, hey, what’s a little breast cancer, as long as NOW gets some sweet, sweet liberal policy out of it, huh?

A little – or a lot of – sexism doesn’t matter either. Because you know who else NOW just endorsed? The always-frothing-at-the-mouth Alan Grayson, who just last year said of Fed advisor Linda Robertson, “this lobbyist, this K street whore, is trying to teach me about economics.”

An advisor to Fed Chair Ben Bernake. And Alan Grayson called her a whore for daring to try to teach him about economics. How can some dumb broad teach an oh-so-smart man and all? Women can’t know about economics. That has nothing to do with uteruses!


Even members of his own party called him out as sexist and offensive.  Even partisan Liberal Anthony Weiner was forced to concede he was “one fry short of a happy meal.”  Because, cuckoo pants. Yet,  there was one organization ready, as usual, to defend the indefensible — NOW, of course, endorsed the sexist pig, Alan Grayson.  You see, they aren’t for women at all. They are for a leftist agenda only and always have been.  The only kind of women they are for are Nannies. And, even then, only if those nannies come in the form of a Nanny State Big Daddy Government. Patriarchal oppression is okay, then, it seems.

Next, the National Organization for Women will try to further prove themselves good lefty “little women” by rushing to iron Jerry Brown’s and Alan Grayson’s shirts.

NOW proved themselves to be merely useful idiots in service of the left. Again.  Time to hand in your “feminist” cards, ladies. They’ve expired and we free thinking women won’t allow you to renew them. We’ve had enough. Empowerment for everyone –  male or female – is found in individuality and in freedom, not leftist policy. That’s what I call hope and change, baby.



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